Saturday, July 20, 2019

Our Week in Photos #28

It was a super busy week with both expected and unexpected plans!

 We started our week with the Free Fair.  We always go for one evening of rides, food, and entertainment.  We picked Saturday evening because it was one of the coolest nights of the 10 days.  It was still hot until the sun went down but at least there was a breeze!  I had to get the annual photo of the boys and Darryl in line for the Ferris wheel.

 On Sunday, Darryl and I went out on a date day.  We had lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, did some shopping, enjoyed some smoothies at Panera Bread and went swimming.  

 On Monday my niece and her husband stopped on the way home to Ohio to have lunch with us at my mom's house.  Yes, my boys are almost as tall as Marisa. 
 In the evening, Nate and I went to his Tae Kwon Do workout and picnic at the park.  It was hot.  At least there was an amazing breeze and they were in the shade. 
 Tuesday was not the best day.  HA!  I had to drive to Grand Rapids.  On the way home, the vehicle in front of me threw a metal bar and it damaged my truck.  We are thankful that it is superficial and that I didn't get hurt but I really hate seeing damage on my truck! 
 Our Kuerig also died on Tuesday so I picked up a small coffee pot for Darryl.  We will replace our Kuerig but I don't drink much coffee in the summer so this works for now. 
My contacts are also messed up which is the whole reason I had to go to Grand Rapids on Tuesday to begin with .. .and then I had to go back on Wednesday!!  

The good thing on Tuesday is that the boys had a good friend over for the afternoon and they had a blast.  I forgot to sneak a picture! 

On Wednesday we had a field trip to our state park for swimming.  It was HOT again so swimming was good.  

On Thursday and Friday we enjoy quiet mornings followed by swimming.  We even swam in the rain on Thursday and it was so fun!  

I think we are all ready for the weekend!