Friday, January 12, 2018

Weekly Menu

I stuck to my menu last week.  For real.  It feels good when that happens :-)  We even had leftovers for lunch on Thursday since Darryl had that day off.  I really do love meal planning even though I get tired of it sometimes.  It makes my life so much easier when I know what's supposed to go on the table at night!

Here's the plan for the coming week:

Friday - Zuppa Tuscana Soup in the crock with rolls.  I made this soup a few weeks ago and it was fabulous.  I was so excited to have the leftovers and then I promplty dropped the storage container on the floor BOO!  It was a sad day!

Saturday - Creamy Zucchini and Spinach Rigatoni, and bread

Sunday - Mac and Cheese and Sun Chips (Comfort Food HA)

Monday -  Roast, Potatoes and Carrots in the oven!

Tuesday - . Tomato Basil Chicken and Garlic Bread.

Wednesday - AWANA

Thursday - Leftovers unless I make it to the store earlier in the day then I'll plan something different :-)  (In other words, when I went to the store on Thursday, I totally forgot to buy what I needed for the dinner I had planned for this night HA)

That's it for the week!  .