Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas Morning - such a wonderful day, isn't it?  We were thankful that the boys slept in but once we were all up, they were more than ready to get the day started.  Breakfast was wonderful - prepared by my dad and Darryl.  Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Toast, and Orange Julius.  The boys waited patiently as all ate ;-)

First up were the stockings!

Finally, it was time for what these two little boys were waiting for  . . presents!!!

Such a fabulously wonderful day.  The boys not only loved getting their own gifts, they loved giving Papa and Nana gifts and watching everyone open each present.  They were patient despite being so excited!!

We also had great visits from family - My Uncle Dick and Aunt Barb stopped by for a bit and then my niece Alicia and her husband Alex came over for dinner and to visit.  It really was the perfect day.

Later that evening, Darryl and I packed up and headed home.  The boys decided they wanted to stay at Papa and Nana's house for a "few more sleeps" :-) 

To think, we still have two more Christmas Celebrations - we are doing our own Christmas with the boys on New Years day and we still have Christmas with Darryl's mom - which we missed due to illness.  Not sure when we will "Make that up" :-)