Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Origami Week 3

This semester of Friday School has thrown us some curve balls in the way of weather.  We missed two weeks in a row because of snow and ice so this really is just week three!  I guess this is why I don't plan all 8 weeks in advance HA!

Friday was our Valentine's party so I wanted to start with a couple of Valentine's themed Origami ideas.

So, first up we made these adorable lollipop covers from Skip to my Lou
I used up some of my Valentine's Scrapbooking paper that I've had forever and bought a bag of Heart Lollipops.  It was a fun little craft.  They could each make three total so they left one for our display table and got to take two home.  I wish I would have checked how many Lollipops were in the bag - I would have bought two bags so they could have made more. 

Then we made these great hearts from Extreme Paper Crafting
These Celtic Heart knots look fun and they were.  They look pretty too.  

Once we finished these two items, I had printed off some Valentine's activity sheets and the students got to just have fun with those.  Our class was shortened due to the party anyway so it all worked out! 

We only have three weeks left and I have . .. three projects I really want to get done so hopefully we can get those done!!