Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Menu

We had another great week of eating.  We did have pizza (take out) on Monday night because the chicken did not thaw out.  I tend to forget that meat from the deep freezer takes a lot longer to thaw and need to take it out a day earlier (speaking of which I need to take meat out of the freezer for a meal!!!)

Here's the plan for this next week

Tuesday -  I've been invited to a planning session with our photographer (and several of her friends) which includes a fabulous dinner so I'm leaving pizza for the boys to cook!

Wednesday  - Million Dollar Spaghetti and bread (this is a new recipe but I've heard it is fabulous!!

Thursday - Ham and Cheese Quiche, Potatoes and Fruit Salad (This is the one carry over from last week. )

Friday - We are going to order in!!!  Darryl has the weekend off. I'm hoping to watch a movie with my husband too (War Horse) . .. so we can eat dinner and watch the movie!!

Saturday - Heading to the in-laws for Christmas dinner.  Yes, you read that right. There wasn't a date in December that worked so we pushed it to Saturday.  Added to that, we did not make it to the family Christmas gathering at the nursing home (where grandma lives) due to being so extremely ill so we are doing our gift exchange with the family that day.  I do have to take a side dish and some snacks but I'm really not sure, as I'm typing this, what I'm taking yet.

Sunday - Beef Tips and Noodles after church. Then I want to try out a Taco Soup recipe for dinner that night since it can just cook in the crock pot - no work for me!!

Monday - Chicken Parm, with Spaghetti Noodles, bread and green beans.