Sunday, October 13, 2013

Things my kids say

* I recently asked Josh wanted he wanted to dress like for halloween.  His response was, "Ummm I'll just wear my clothes".

*Nate's brain works faster than his month so often I hear things like this, "I for togot do that mom!"

*Nate has a new joke:  Mom, do you remember when a giraffe licked a hippo and a hippo licked a giraffe.  That's funny mom".  Seriously, I laugh out loud every single time.

* My husband back is injured . . .Josh made a large ice pack for him by freezing water in a ziplock bag so now, every time Darryl says something about his back, Josh runs to the freezer and brings the frozen brick of water for Darryl to lean against.  It may or may not be causing MORE pain ;-)  Such a thoughtful little boy though!

*I asked Nate what he wanted to be for Halloween . .. to which he said, "A banana, an orange, a donut, no mom, a rainbow, no mom a banana and an orange.  Maybe I shouldn't ask.

* Josh spent about 30 minutes (or more) one morning trying to put his own jacket on.  He wanted no help, works of advice or even the sound of my voice to grace his presence.  Poor kid.  He is super independent and just a little bit stubborn.  Oh, and did I mention he is a perfectionist?

* Nate refused to get dressed one morning because his cool shirt, which he wore the day before, hadn't been washed yet.  I may need to buy multiples of that shirt . . ..

* Nate has finally outgrown the "bumper" on his twin bed. .. I figured when he could slip through the hole in the fabric and slide onto the floor, it really wasn't working HA Over the past month he had managed to push his feet against it so much that he ripped all of the fabric.  I was slightly disappointed - not because it came off the bed (I highly disliked it - it made putting sheets on very difficult) but because I had planned to sell that stupid thing HA!  Instead it went right out to the garbage.

*Josh has learned to make it to the toilet to puke.  Enough said - this is a true milestone though.

* Nate informed me that we need to hang bats, maybe some witches, and a skeleton, which your whole body in bones.  He loves Halloween!