Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Goal

There always has to be a first day, right?  The first day you were born; the first day of Kindergarten; the first day of college; the first day of wedded bliss.  All those firsts are wonderful memories (hopefully) But what about the first day of a blog? It is with nervousness that I write this first post only because having a blog is something only "other" people did - not me!  So what changed my mind?  Recently I came across a blog of a family who's little 1 1/2 year old girl had almost drown; over the course of the next week I followed their blog until I opened it one day to see a heading that stated "Funeral Arrangements" and my heart broke in two.  I cried as I read that little Presley had passed away.  I couldn't believe it . . .. and than I realized that through a blog another mom had touched my mother's heart to the core; a person I had never met and will most likely never meet yet I feel like I know her.  That is when it hit me - a blog is a way to reach people not only connect with them.  I am not a "bear it all" kind of girl; I'm very private and prefer to keep my laundry inside the house, not air it anywhere (really!  even the REAL laundry stays inside!).  I've thought for two weeks on what to name my blog and it hit me last night - The "Unworking" Mom is perfect - remember the slogan from 7-up (The Uncola) and what a success it was??   As a stay at home mom for only 6 months now, I am amazed how people think I don't work - amazingly I work harder now than I did when I held a job as a supervisor and worked 50-60 hours a week.  There I would take my two 15 minute breaks a day, take my hour long lunch and relax plus all the time co-workers talk and share their lives, plus the time where, sadly, there really isn't a whole lot to do.  Now - I'm working 24/7.  The monitor is on all night long so I never fully sleep.  When my kids are awake I only get half of what I would get done normally in 15 minutes, done.  When they nap I work non-stop on things around the house to utilize that "down time".  Sure, I get to bake cookies now, and make nice dinners (when the turn out, that is a topic for another day), and laugh at all the great antics my kids do - but I never stop working.  Over the coming days, months, years (oh my!) I hope to share with you some tips on how to make your life easier based on things I've learned, some tricks to get you out of some sticky situations, Ideas for crafts, shopping, cleaning, entertaining and more and, of course, just my musings - both the funny ones and the serious ones.  I can't wait to share this with you.  And I just realized, I guess I now have a job - I write a blog.  WHEW, I finally have something to do in my day!With all of that said, please note that this blog is a work in progress right now.  I've seen other blogs and am amazed at them; I just need to figure out how to add all of that neat stuff.  I'll get there, I promise :-)