Thursday, April 11, 2019

Three Years Ago

I wrote this a year ago and I really can't state it any better --- "Three years. It was three years ago today that my dad suffered a stroke that would eventually take his life. In some ways, today, April 11th, is the day we lost so much. We lost his voice, his laughter, his wisdom, is ability to bring calmness to any situation and so much more. My dad was the rock of our family and we still feel that loss greatly in so many ways. There was a great legacy left by this man, though - a church that he led and cared for throughout many years; the love, wisdom and example he left for each of his family members. It was truly a great loss on so many levels. Over the course of the weeks following his stroke, my mom, brothers and their families and I saw God work even through our difficult understanding of what was to come. Even though I would love to have my dad here - I know that he is rejoicing in heaven and it is where he longed to be - with his Jesus. "

We miss this man more than anything.  Love you Dad!