Monday, March 26, 2012

Photo Class 101

I'm talked a little bit about my new camera but today I wanted to share a little more!  For about two years I've been saving my pennies to get a Canon Rebel T2i camera.  Yep, one of those "fancy" cameras with lenses and even extra flashes.  I love to take photos because photos are memories.  You may not always have those special outfits or birthday banners but you can remember the moment through photos.  I was beyond thrilled to finally be able to order my camera at the beginning of February.  I was not so thrilled with this camera when I got it - I could not get it to focus for anything, the pictures were over exposed - it was not pretty.  About the time I bought it, a photographer friend of mine sent out an e-mail about upcoming classes she was offering on photography.  It was perfect so I signed up and hoped she could figure out what was wrong with my camera!  The fist class was about a week and half ago - she handed my camera to her assistant and said "figure it out" . . .and guess what?  She did!  At first even she thought the camera was broken and I would have to return it but then, she took the lens off and put it back on and then. . .it worked!  Apparently, when I put the lens on, I didn't turn it quite far enough to click and therefore it didn't work right.  WHEW!!!!  Then, I LOVED my camera.  The class was awesome - I learned more in that first class then I have learned my entire life about taking photos.  What a true thrill! 

Our first assignment was to set the camera on "P", use natural light, get close (and then closer) and take 100+ photos to learn how our camera reacts to light.  What fun!  Here are some of my favorite photos that I've taken over the last week or so and are the photos I plan on taking to class this coming Thursday.

 This is my cat Misty taken in our kitchen with a ton of sunlight - by far one of the best photos I've ever taken of her in the 15 years I've had her!

I loved playing with the light - the animals were almost better subjects because they don't move but my kids did pretty well too :-) 

I'm so excited about class on Thursday - I know I will learn more that I can use in our every day life.  One of the best things about this class?  The last of the 4 sessions is the week before my niece's wedding . .. and my boys are her ring bearer's . .. . I am confident I'll get some awesome shots!!!