Sunday, August 5, 2018

Summer Plans Week 10

So I decided to do this weeks post slightly differently.  I thought I'd list our goal/plans for the week and then give a recap with some photos.

With that said, here are the plans/goals for this past week.

1. Have a picnic with family on Sunday!
2. Haircuts and Move the Camper to the driveway on Monday!
3. Meet Family at the splashpad on Tuesday!
4. Weed the flower bed and sandbox, trim the willow tree and mow the grass (if it isn't done yet) on Wednesday.
5. Open up and clean the camper; clean off two shelves in the garage - one is full of camping stuff someone gave us two years ago. Once that is cleaned off, I can move stuff from another shelf to that shelf so that I can then move the second shelf into the playroom . . ..on Thursday!
6. There is an event in the next town over so we "might" go to that . . .but I'd also like to work on cleaning the playroom - on Friday!
7. Finish the playroom on Saturday!
Add to this swimming and anything else fun we might happen to come across to do! I'd also love to get some scrapbooking done - it was one of my July goals and now that my desk is cleaned off and my scrapbook shelf/art shelf is organized maybe, just maybe I can get to that too!

Before I post photos - I just want to recap a little (since I didn't take photos of everything!)  The camper did get moved, opened up, cleaned out, and reorganized.  We did weed the flower bed, sandbox, twim the willow and mow the grass.  I also did the cleaning in the garage, moved the shelf into the playroom and we started to playroom cleaning - we didn't get as far as I wanted but it should be done soon!   I did not scrapbook - I worked like crazy and we swam and hung out with family.  It rained some on Thursday so I got some reading in as well as the laundry :-)  All in all, it was a great week - I think it helped that I was on "vacation" from babysitting this week since the kids I watch were, well, on vacation!!