Saturday, December 9, 2017

Our Week in Photos #24

What a fabulously fun week of Christmas fun!

Saturday was a busy day with Christmas program practice, some fun Christmas activities, and a concert

 We stopped at Denny's Farm Market for some fun.  Josh enjoyed seeing Santa again :-) (I didn't make Nate pose for a photo this time HA!) 
A local potter had a Christmas Ornament decorating station set up.  The boys loved painting their ornaments  To make it better, all of the ornaments were hand made by the artist  So cool! 

 A stop at the grocery store meant a photo shoot with Sandy the horse (and a chance to win $100!) 

Finally, the boys sang in a concert with the Local Choir.  It was fun to see them on stage having fun singing. 

On Sunday,  the boys had their annual church Christmas program.  They have been rehearsing for months and it is always so fun to see the final program. 
 I loved Josh in his little sheep hat!

This guy, Nate, begged for a bigger part!  He had the whole play memorized and was secretly hoping the guy playing the lead would get sick HA! 
 One of my favorite photos - they love to sing!
 The final bows.
 On Wednesday, we went on a Field Trip with our on-line school to the movies and got to see the movie "Wonder".  Wow.  What an amazing movie.

 Finally, on Friday night we went to a "Bethlehem Village" - it was put on by another local church.  They did a interpretive dance of the Nativity - it was really quite impressive.

 The boys were able to create a neat ornament for the tree.
 And of course there were animals. :-)

And I love this donkey :-)  If I had a farm, I'd have a donkey.  (Not really - but I wish I could live next door to a farm that had a donkey  . . and a cow.  So I could see them but not have to clean up after them HA!)

That's our week!