Monday, January 18, 2016


I haven't posted my  January Goals as of yet.  I've been debating posting the full list now or waiting and posting it at the end just to show the accomplishments.  What I did at the beginning of January was write my goals for the year.  This list is pretty basic but lists where I want to be at the end of the year in each of my categories.  From there, I wrote my January goals.  Anyway, here is my basic list (see, I decided to post it after all)

Now, as you read these, remember they are goals . . .even I know that I will only accomplish about 25% of these even part way but it does help me to stay focused during the week and not just sit around all day :-)  Each night I look over the list and write my to do list for the next day.  For the record, I have accomplished some of these items and have made great progress in the basement HA!  

January 2016 Goals
1.     Do the Women in the Bible Bible Study Daily
2.    Scripture memory – Find a memory program and work on memorizing 1 verse a week (so 4 total for January)
3.    Read 4 “Soul” books – books to help make me better
1.     Walk/ride bike for 30 minutes, 5 days a week every week this month
2.    Incorporate the beginning Couch to 5K (See pinterest)
3.    Find a rotation of 5 different breakfast items that I can eat that keep my sugar in check
4.    Get Nate to eat one new food this month
1.     Finish scrapbooking 2014 (on my desk currently)
2.    Scrapbook January 2015 using project life
3.    Order one month of 12x12 pages and put them in a scrapbook
4.    Go through 3-4 (so 2 years) of photo albums and make sure they are complete
1.     Keep an excel spreadsheet with Darryl’s income/expense, money spent, bills paid,
2.    Start the Christmas Savings Program and the Kids Savings Program
3.    Put $20.00 away for Darryl’s clothes budget
4.    Make a list of wish items for the Tax Money
House Goals
1.     Work in the basement weekly sorting into my four bins.  I’m not even sure if I’ll finish what I want to get done but I just want to work downstairs 5 days a week – a little each day.
2.    Make a brainstorming list of things to do in the spring/summer in the yard
3.    Room by Room deep cleaning
a.    Kitchen – Each day go through one cupboard or deep clean one appliance
b.    Dining room – Go through every item and clean stuff out, get paint to do touch ups, clean up homeschool stuff and organize the piano better and rehang some of the wall art that is hung off center
c.    Living Room – Clean out the filing cabinet, dust, clean stuff out that we don’t love, cobwebs, ect.
d.    Bathroom – Just clean the whole stinkin’ thing
4.    Go through Lego Catelogs and put into binders and then put new ziplock organization into a crate for easy project redos
All about me
1.     Purchase new clothing item (approx. $20.00) such as socks  or a new shirt
2.    Buy me something each month (Focus is chapstick, pen and paper)
3.    Paint my fingernails weekly
4.    Paint my toenails
5.    Send Kate a birthday card on time
6.    Pinterest
a.    Each week print/read/do 10 items in my January focus (so two a day).
7.    Learn How to put my make up better – find You tube videos to teach about mary Kay Foundations
The Family
1.     Plan Summer activities
a.    Parks
b.    Activity
c.    Food item
d.    Craft
2.    Plan a family outing – January – take the boys shopping with their money and go to Red Robin (Gift Card)
3.    Get Family photos done this month
4.    Plan Darryl’s birthday fun
5.    Purchase kid item – January find new rain boots for each of the boys at the best price possible
6.    Put the boys fish tank together and let them each pick out some fish
7.    Find some swimming lessons
9.    Create a Routine/chore chart for each boy with $ incentive
10.  Purchase and mail Kaleb and Erins gift
11.  Map the trips we want to take
12.  Research some kid cooking classes.
13.  Watch for Tickets for the Circus in March and the Motor Cross (or whatever is in march)
Reading and Music
1.     Make a list of books I want to read from Pinterest and what I already own
2.    Pick out a chapter book to start reading to the boys
3.    Build an older library for the boys – pick up 3-4 books.
4.    Practice one piano song this month (well, actually two, one to play in January and then start working on one for February)
5.    Purchase “How Can it Be” and practice it to sing
6.    Review the “must” sight words with the boys and make sure they are on target for all areas in school
Joyful Thanksgiving
1.     Find one book that relates to this in my life (40 days of Joy?) and read it.
2.    Find resources on how to discipline, teach and train using verses and Biblical examples
3.    Have the family learn 4 verses talking about Joy and/or Thanksgiving – work on them at dinner.