Saturday, November 4, 2017

Our week in photos #19

We had a great week.  It started with a weekend away for me and, well, ended with a trip away for me.  Throw in a little Halloween fun and it was a pretty good week of fun!
 I, of course, enjoyed a great weekend away scrapbooking and chatting with friends. 

 Josh's pumpkin - an Enderman.
 Nate's pumpkin - a three headed Wither (from Minecraft also) This picture shows two of the three "heads".
 We also got our first snow!
 And yes, Josh is outside without a shirt.  Before you judge . . this is tradition.  I think there is a photo from almost every year where, on the first snow, Josh runs outside without a shirt.  It's almost like a right of passage HA!
 This photo was not planned.  Our two friends showed up in these Halloween shirts and the boys have the same ones so we had to get a photo with all four kids.  Such a cute photo!
 Halloween night really was a great night if it was a little chillier than we would have liked. 

 We ended the night at our church for their indoor "trunk or treat" so the weather did not really matter.  Josh's face is just killin' me HA!
 I ended the week at a birthday party for an old family friend - Alice (she's the one sitting).  She turned 90.  It brought together some dear friends.  Jeanne Turk (back left), my mom (middle), and Mrs. Basler (Back right).  All pretty special people in my book.
 Finally, Darryl took the boys to Friday school today since I was gone and I'm so glad he did.  When I got home Josh said, "Mom, I made you a pie".  This is the pie he made today in his baking class.  I love that he's learning to bake!
I didn't get to share this last week - but the rhino and turtle on the left are both projects that Nate has made recently in his class.  I love all of the experiences they get at Friday school!