Sunday, March 10, 2013

An Early Spring Wreath

One of the Too Cute ideas that I wanted to accomplish in February was a wreath idea from Paper Wings.  This is what the inspiration looked like:
This is how mine turned out:
Isn't that cool?  I had a round wreath form "laying" around so I decided to not buy a frame and just use what I had on hand.  I did pick up the green/brown yarn and I love it.  Because it was a thicker. fluffier yarn,I only had to wrap the wreath once. The letter was purchased at Hobby Lobby too and was about $1.00.  The brown toule I had from a wreath I made last year and the jewels on the monogram are from my "kid crafty" stuff.

The hardest part to making this wreath was just taking the time to wrap the wreath form.  Once wrapped, I hot glued the end of the yarn to the wreath and then hot glued the monogram right on that spot as well to cover the end.  Then I glued the gems on and tied on the toule.

I really love this wreath and plan to leave it up for a couple of months :-)