Friday, March 24, 2017

Weekly Menu

This coming week brings some good things.  I get to go scrapbooking, the kids go to Nana's, and Darryl gets some alone time!  It also means no cooking for me!  Shoot, I didn't even sign up to bring food to the crop - instead, I signed up to bring all of the paper products!

Friday - I'll be at the crop by dinner.  I have leftovers for Darryl (Pulled Pork BBQ, Bean Soup) or he can go out!

Saturday - Darryl gets to enjoy a whole day home!  I think he is very excited to have a day of nothing.  Again, there are leftovers or he can go out!

Sunday - I'm returning today so Darryl and I are planning to meet for Dinner :-)

Monday - Darryl often works late and I have choir practice so we will fend for ourselves.

Tuesday - Dinner out (or brought in by the big D)

Wednesday - the Kids return!  As is normal on AWANA nights, we'll grab dinner out.

Thurday - You mean I have to cook?? Uuuggg!  Lets keep it simple and just have spaghetti, stuffed meatballs and garlic bread!

See how simple this week is?? I love it!