Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Fun - August 1st

It's August.  Wow.  This week revolved around camping and, you guessed it, swimming!

Monday and Tuesday - We enjoyed some wonderful days of camping.  The boys got to go mini golfing for the first time.  We also visited three different Lake Michigan beaches and had a wonderful time playing in the sand and water.

Wednesday - Thursday - We returned to swimming lessons again.  I'm amazing by the improvement of both boys.  Nate moved up a level and is in the same group as Josh and now both boys can swim without a life jacket on (as long as an adult is close by to help as they get tired) and they love to swim under water.

Friday - The boys have spent a lot of time this summer memorizing states and capitals and countries and capitals.  We've been discussing the Olympics too.  So, on Friday we enjoyed the opening ceremonies and seeing all of the different country flags as they entered the stadium.  Oh, and we made pudding dirt cups too. 

Also, with school just over a month away, we have started to do some review.  Reading and sight words are our main focus!!