Thursday, July 5, 2012

What I'm Reading

Instead of sharing specific books I'm reading I wanted to share my favorite site for free books which is Inspired Reads.  When I first got my Kindle at Christmas and found a few "Free Book" blogs/sites, I was just picking up free books left and right.  Most of them were non-christian based books because, honestly, it was hard to find good fiction Christian books for free.  I made a few comments on the Inspired Reads facebook page about wanting more of those types of books and they have not disappointed.  I've even had some from my favorite authors like Ann Tatlock and Lauraine Snelling and Susan May Warren.  I've also found that if you follow their posts daily you can often end up with an entire series for free like The Green Series by Judy Christie, which I love and the "Always a . .. , Never a Bride by Sandra D Bricker. This site also supplies quite a few links to free non-fiction books - I've picked up several devotions and other inspiration books over the past few months as well.

Periodically I "open" a book that I picked up from one of the other sites and, one in particular stands out, my mind cringes at the words that are used by the author.  Don't get me wrong, I read non-Christian books but for those simple reads, I'd rather pick up things that don't have the language and "scenes" in them.

If you enjoy great Christian fiction - check out this site and you can also find them on Facebook :-)

Enjoy reading!