Saturday, December 28, 2019

Weekly Menu

You might have noticed I'm a few days behind posting!  Christmas Week was filled with traditions, family, fun, and friends so I'm just now sitting down to think about the upcoming week.  I figured I'd just post my normal posts, they would just be a few days late.  :-) 

I find it very hard to believe that by  this time next week it will be 2020.  Where has the time gone?  Twenty years ago we were all worried about Y2K.  I feel like it was yesterday!  Time just flies by, doesn't it. One thing always remains true though, we have to eat! HA!  So, here's the (tentitive) plan for the coming week.

Friday - My mom, the boys and I headed to visit my nephew and his family so we enjoyed dinner with them.

Saturday - Today was Christmas with Darryl's family so we had a potluck meal.  I took the easy road this time with cheese, crackers and salami, bags of chips, and a relish tray because we were gone all day Friday!  I didn't have time to cook anything!

Sunday - I really need to go to the store :-)  Tonight I'm going to up some baked potatoes (since I have them on hand) and use Ham for Christmas. 

Monday - Homemade Pizza.  Super yummy goodness :-)

Tuesday - New Years Eve!  As I write this, I'm still deciding on my final menu.  We enjoy snacks so I just have to figure out what we actually want to eat.  We usually have my crescent roll-ups, "piggies" in the blanket, some type of dip (or two) and some chips or such.  I just have to narrow it all down :-) 

Wednesday - New Years Day!  My mom is making rolls and bean soup.  I'm going to make Chicken Noodle Soup and Dessert. 

Thursday - I'm sitting here trying to think of what is super easy to make yet something we all (basically) like - Spaghetti comes to mind.  It's not my favorite but I eat it to keep cooking simple.  So, I'll doctor up some jarred sauce and make garlic bread (my favorite part of spaghetti night!) and keep it all simple!