Friday, June 3, 2016

Weekly Menu

It always seems like the weekly menu post is the easiest post to come back to blogging with so here I am.  I told my husband recently that I don't enjoy cooking anymore.  I really don't.  I've found that it takes too much time and thinking to pull it together plus the clean up time is just ridiculous.  My next home will have an eat-in kitchen so we don't have to carry food to a different room.  But, whether I enjoy cooking or not, I still have to do it so there is always a menu.  Summertime is not my favorite cooking time in general just because my kitchen gets so hot cooking anything.  As always, I try to keep things fairly light and easy but there is almost always at least one thing in the oven!  Enough complaining about cooking :-)  Here's the plan for the next week:

Friday - BBQ Chicken Salad and Yeast Rolls.  This salad is something I made a month or so ago and it was really good.  Darryl has had some major dental work over the last few weeks so he is sticking to easy to eat foods like Breakfast Bars, Applesauce, and Bananas!  (Dry Sockets and oral surgery are not fun!)

Saturday - We have been spending most weekends at my mom's house so she is cooking tonight.

Sunday - A church picnic :-)

Monday - Hashbrown Casserole w/Ham and Fruit Smoothies.  I usually do frozen waffles for anyone who doesn't get into casseroles (known as my kids HA!)

Tuesday - Easy French Dip Sandwiches, Chinese Cole Slaw, and Fries

Wednesday - Taco Salads, Chips and Salsa, and Cheese Roll-ups

Thursday - I'm going to do a Fridge/Freezer clean out night.  We'll have left overs, mac and cheese, or whatever else I can find to clean out the Fridge/Freezer and Cupboards tonight.