Saturday, December 2, 2017

Our Week in Photos #23

Some weeks start out and I think we won't have much "to show" at the end of the week.  Yet, every week it's fun to look back and see what we've done!

 This week in school, Nate had to create a "still life" art piece with real things at home.  This is what he created and yes, he was very proud of his work. 

 On Tuesday, we went to see Santa.  Yes, we go early :-)  Several years ago, I wanted until just before Christmas and the boys (and I) were so sick that we couldn't go.  I learned  my lesson - go early!  Not to mention it was 60 degrees on Tuesday so, as you can see, we didn't even need coats!  This Santa House is about15 minutes from us - it's awesome.  They boys got to sign the "Naughty and Nice" list before seeing Santa! 
 Josh loves the guy in the big red suit!  He walks right in, sits down and tells him what he wants. 
Nate does not enjoy this at all.  He appeases me, albeit without a smile, by standing in the doorway.  What he didn't know was that Santa was sneaking up behind him for this perfect shot!!! 
 On Thursday we were able to meet some family for dinner including my oldest brother, Kel.  The boys had been planning for WEEKS to "make" him taste all levels of hot sauce because, well, Kel likes hot sauce.
 Uncle Kel did not disappoint!  The last one (from the Mexican restaurant we were eating at) was the hottest and made him sweat just a teeny bit HA! 
 All of the sauces!
 It really was a special treat to see my brother and sister-in-law as well as my nephew, his wife and they little guy! 

 December 1st brings lots of new fun.  We started our Grinch countdown; the boys got to open day one in their new advent calendars from Nana, and we did our first day of our Christmas Story Advent as well. 
 Josh and his cat.  Why is the cat sitting with Josh?  For one simple reason - the cat loves spaghetti and that is what was for dinner!!!
 Then we headed downtown for the parade!  We ran into our friends (we thought they weren't coming!) and the kids were all thrilled!
The Tree sits right in the center of town.  It's pretty cool 

 A couple of my favorites - the trucks decorated with lights!
The boys in front of the tree!  It was really a great night (and not even that cold!)