Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happenings in this House

One of the things I love about other blogs I follow are the pictures; real life, every day pictures.  That is something I haven't done a whole lot of more because I focus on other topics than my family on this blog.  I saw an idea on one blog about doing "A Year in the Life . .. " and she posted one picture from each day (or almost every day) from the past week.  It's a great concept.  So, my warped view of this is just doing one post a week (or almost every week) with some of the happenings in this house.  I know that many people use their blog as their scrapbook but I scrapbook so I don't need the blog to do that!  But I do think that this is a great memory to keep ;-)  Who knows, one of these years I might get a "Blog Book" of all of my articles from the past year! 

So enjoy - Happenings from this House!

On January 1st, we just enjoyed the day at home.  Josh loves playing with his new train set and Nate enjoyed the bean bags :-)  We also went outside and took down the lights before winter really hit!

My three boys - Darryl, Josh and Nate!
Nate enjoys posing - but this look?  I don't even recognize this little guy!  He looks so much like Josh did at this age but, honestly, we never see this.  Love how the camera catches these looks!

Josh LOVES to hang in the kitchen.  You can't really see it  but there are sprinkles all over the floor.  He's attempting to pick them up, one at a time, and throw them away before China eats them LOL

Yep, he is a state fan (or at least his mom is!) and notice the hair?  People pay alot of money for hair like that!

We had the finally Christmas party on Jan 8th (post poned due to illness).  The boys were awesome!  They enjoyed getting gifts and they loved playing with their older cousins!

Josh's new favorite past time is watching cartoons while laying on our bed.  He no longer takes naps (I know . . ) so after lunch he will usually ask to get up on the bed and just chill out.  Some days, he falls asleep.  I guess he needed some extra shut eye!

Yep, he LOVES his trains.  Notice the neat train track, the puzzle all put together, and all of the extra trains lined up neatly?  That describes this little guy to a tee!
Today, January 15th, we finally were able to take the boys outside in the snow.  It has either been way too cold or muddy with no snow.  After several small snows this past week we have about 6-8 inches so it was perfect.  We bundled everyone up (which takes a good 20 minutes!) and headed outside to have some fun.
Josh enjoying the snow and figuring out how to walk with all of that stuff on!

Nate was like a bulldozer through the snow.  He chose not to walk and just crawled through every drift.  He kept his mittens on and only cried when his face hit the snow first!

Having some fun on the sleds .

My Three Boys in the snow :-)  (Notice Josh's face - he HATE's mittens.  H.A.T.E.S them and was trying to get them off! . . Darryl's face? He's just cold LOL)

Hope you enjoyed this little walk through our week :-)