Monday, March 19, 2012

Do's and Don'ts and other Misc thoughts

1. I do enjoying this nice spring weather we are having - the 60-70 degree days are awesome and a great way to get the kids outside.  I don't enjoy the humidity that has already crept up on a few days this past week. 

2.  I do enjoy have the kids outside more since it helps keep the inside of the house picked up and is breaking the TV addition they had from a hot summer last year and a few months of "winter".  I don't enjoy cleaning dog poop off of shoes.

3. I do enjoy the convenience  of a microwave to reheat things or make "cheater" popcorn.  I don't enjoy that my microwave now turns on when you open the door . . .I don't think that is a good thing . . .I do enjoy shopping for a new one but don't enjoy the cost so I think we'll go back to our roots and not have a microwave for awhile. (And we do have a regular popcorn maker - we just got lazy and didn't use it for awhile but it's coming back out again!) 

4. Our dog has a second set of eyes on her rump . . .she has hot spots and we don't like them.  I do like that we found an at home remedy that includes holding tea bags on the spots on her booty.  If only it would work better then it appears to be :-/

5. I have re-discovered Orange Juice and I DO love that!  I forgot how good it is  . . .I don't have a don't for this one . . oh wait, I do . . right? Because I said don't?

6. I do enjoy that it is lighter, later and that it stays darker longer in the morning but I don't enjoy trying to convince my kids that it IS bedtime even though the moon is not out yet!

7.  I do enjoy pinning things to boards on Pinterest and finding all kinds of great ideas.  I don't like when the pin is not connecting to the original source so I can't actually find out HOW to make it!

8.  I do enjoy my new nightshirt I got a few weeks ago - I haven't owned a night shirt in YEARS but it looked so comfy (and it is!) but I don't enjoy when my boys say "Mom, you forgot your pants" ;-) Hahahahahaha (Ok, it's funny so maybe "don't" is too strong of a word!)

9.I do LOVE that I have figured out how to use my camera better after one camera class . . . I don't love that I had the lens in "not quite right" for the first three weeks I had it!  Lesson learned.

10.  I do love my Tassimo Coffee Pot . .. I DON'T Love that I cannot get the coffee that I love righ tnow and, based on what I've heard it sounds like the company is not doing well.  I'm not happy.  So for now, I'm putting away the money I was spending on my coffee drink and eventually, I'll eaither be able to stock up on the coffee if it comes back or I'll have to buy a different brewer.  Talk about frustrating.  At least I can still get regular coffee for my husband!!