Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving

November 12, 2010
Sometimes it is good to be thankful for silly little things so today, I'm thankful for McDonald Frappe's.  I don't know who thought up that idea but it was the best thing ever.  I love them.  They make a bad day better and a good day great!  And yes, we had one as a treat tonight :-)

Thanksgiving Ideas

Over the next two weeks, we'll be working on lots of Thankfulness ideas for our "Mommy School" time.  I'm slowly adjusting our schedule with the new little guy who visits us daily so that we have time for some games, stories, and activities. 

One of the things that all three boys will be making are these great turkey paintings.  Just use their little hands, paint the palm brown and, if they allow it, each finger a differant color.  Than add some feet, an eye and the beak!  I love the little poem too!

Josh is really enjoying songs and poems with motions so this will be one of the poems that we work on over the next few weeks.

Native American Thanksgiving Rhyme

Thank you, God the Father (Fold hands in prayer)
Thank you, for the sunshine (Stretch arms overhead in circle)
Thank you, for the rain (Move fingers down)
Thank you, for things that grow (Move hands up)
Thank you, for good food to eat (Make circle around tummy)
Thank you, for families that love us. (Cross arms over chest)
Thank you, God the Father. (Same as first)

I found this great blog called Totally Tots.  It has all kinds of teaching ideas for both the home teacher as well as Sunday School teachers.  There are two differant Bible Verses that we'll be reviewing the next few weeks.  One is, Ephesians 5:20 and the other is Psalm 100:4b.  Both of these include a PDF file with a printable with the verse and colorful picture; a coloring picture and even the cut apart word squares to practice with older kids.  She has lots of verses in this format to use throughout the year. 

Over at Preschool Express is a Calendar with an idea list for each day of November to do with your toddler.  Some of the ideas include struting like a trurkey, visiting a petting zoo, making animal sounds etc.  She has other ideas for the fall too. 

Don't these look good?
The Idea Room gives the full tutorial for these so check it out!  Wouldn't these be fun to make with the kids?  She also posted a great idea for keeping the kids busy on Thanksgiving day before dinner or it would just be a fun activity to do anytime!
She shows more plate ideas and gives a link to get the pattern to draw on the plates here.

Finally, over at 1+1+1=1 there is an fantastic Thanksgiving Pack.  There are some very colorful worksheets to print all based on Thanksgiving.  Check it out, download it and use it!

I'm waiting for Oopsey Daisy to post her Thanksgiving Mommy School packet (she said she would!) but I also know she is in the middle of a move so we'll see :-) 

Over the next few weeks I'll try to get some pictures of what the boys and I do to learn about Thanksgiving and as I find more great ideas I promise I'll pass them along :-)

Show Us Your Life Friday's - Bathrooms

It's another round of "Show Us Your Life Friday" over at Kelly's Korner.  I didn't miss it last week but rather she interrupted the schedule to do a special version of Show us your life and let people show off their Etsy stores.  I don't have one so I didn't post :-)

This week, we are showing off our bathrooms.  In March we started a small bathroom remodel out of necessity.  Our bathtub had a crack in it when we bought the house 7 years ago (we did not know it until we used the shower the first time).  We used some bathroom tape to seal it and it worked . .. for awhile.  Eventually though, the crack got bigger so the tub had to be replaced and thus, the remodel.  There are a few minor projects left to do but most of it is done :-)

This is the view from the bathroom door.  The cabinet is the only storage on the main floor of the house outside of the bedroom closets so I use it to its full potential and have gotten creative :-)  The long cabinet is our coat closet!!

This is the first corner in the bathroom.  I LOVE my stripe!!  The colors are so relaxing :- )

This is the view standing next to the cabinets looking down the length of the bathroom.  (And yes, that is a little blond head you see!) Someday, we will replace the single sink with a double sink which will be great since this is the only bathroom in the house!  And just an FYI, the chair is for our little guy to stand on while brushing his teeth. 

Here's my wonderful shower curtain - I LOVE it!  And I didn't really want a full view of the toilet but you can see where it is :- )

And the view from the other end of the bathroom looking towards the cabinet.  I really like my light fixtures too! 

Finally, my favorite picture :-)  Doesn't it speak volumes? I always get comments on this and it is actually just the front of a greeting card!

 So, what's left?  I have to do a bunch of touch-up painting, replace the door handle, put the stripe between the dining room floor and the bathroom floor and finish the floor in front of the tub.  I'm hoping to get that done by the end of the year so I can start on another project :-)