Monday, October 13, 2014

Make It Monday - Birthday Board

I saw an idea several years ago over at Secrets of a Super Mommy for a Birthday Board to celebrate the entire week before a persons birthday.  Now, I love birthdays and really want to make them a fun time for the birthday person so, needless to say, this idea is something I would like to incorporate into our family. 
Here's another example - this one is from How Does She.
Lets keep it real - this project has been on my goal list since January.  I finally got to work on my project list mid-September and now, the start of the first family birthday "week" begins on Thursday and my board is not done!  Instead of beating myself up about it or slapping together something last minute, I'm giving myself the freedom to let this idea grow.  What I have accomplished is the following:

1) I search Pinterest for ideas for what I could use each day as something special; complied my favorites; made a project list.
2) The birthday Pillowcase has been ordered and received - ready to go on the birthday persons pillow at some point during the week.
3) Josh's birthday shirt has been ordered.  (Hopefully it arrives in time . .. I was sure I ordered it with plenty of time but was told it won't ship until Wednesday . . Uuugg!!)
4) This time, I've planned the meals but I've picked Josh's favorite things - Tacos, Hot Dogs, Burgers, plus we'll eat out a few times.

I really want to make the true birthday board really awesome - make it out of wood, and add fun things ot it . . .my new goal is to start with the full thing with Darryl's birthday so the boys can "watch and learn" and then look forward to the whole thing next year for their birthdays!