Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weekly Menu

Welcome to the week of my Birthday :-)  I love my birthday, to be quite honest.  I feel like I've earned my year and want to celebrate it!  I also start babysitting again this next week so we'll be transitioning back into that routine once again too.

Here's our plan:

Thursday - Spaghetti and Garlic Bread.  Yep, it is grocery shopping day and I have learned that the last thing I feel like doing is cooking after shopping for hours so this is starting to become my "go to" grocery shopping day meal!!

Friday - Tonight's dinner is my birthday dinner with Darryl and the boys . I've learned that I don't want to cook on my "Birthday" but, in order to do that, I have to plan!  We are going to have Steaks on the Grill (Darryl gets to cook!), Baked Potatoes (I love to cook them in the oven so the skins are nice and crisp too - then I dig out the inside and make my own Stuffed Potato Skins YUM!), and Strawberry Pretzel Salad.  I'll be honest - Darryl doesn't like the salad BUT it is my birthday dinner and I love it so I make it every year HA!   I will also make my own birthday cake - Chocolate Turtle Cake :-)  I used to always have Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting with M and M's on top but the Turtle Cake is the best . . Maybe I'll put M and M's on top of THAT!

Saturday - Today IS my birthday :-)  Darryl has plans for us today so I won't be cooking.  My mother-in-law is coming to watch the boys so I'll leave gourmet food for her to cook like Mac and Cheese, Hot Dogs, etc HA!

Sunday - I'll be honest, this is still part of my birthday weekend so the last thing I want to do is cook!!!  So, for lunch today Darryl will grill some Hamburgers for us and we'll have homemade fries.  (Did I mention I picked up the exact Deep Fryer I was looking for - at Walmart off the clearance rack for $19.00?? Sure did!)  For dinner I'm not sure what we will have . . .. I'm guessing pizza :-)

Monday - This is our first day back to babysitting.  I don't really foresee any problems today so it isn't really a big deal but in order to plan ahead a little, I think we'll have Lasagna and Garlic Bread.  I can put the lasagna together throughout the day as needed and have it in the oven in plenty of time

Tuesday - Gymnastics!!!  Taco's are my go to meal on these days because it is ready to go in a moment.  I found a new Avocado "dressing" for Taco's on Pinterest I want to try with these tonight.

Wednesday - I'm tired and I'm just typing this menu!  Breakfast is becoming my "go to" Wednesday night meal.  So Waffles and Sausage will be good for tonight.  Sometimes my husband comes home before practice but I'm never sure until the last minute - this is an easy meal to serve to all of us. 

WHEW!  What's coming up next week?  A friend and I are cooking all of the food for the ladies tea at our church.  I'm thinking that we will be eating very simple meals at home next week because I'll use up all my "cooking desires" on Saturday!! 

Did you notice I didn't pick any recipes from my recipe books I picked out for the month.  It was kind of ironic that I picked a Pressure Cooker to learn how to use after the recent events.  These "busy" weeks tend to take me back to the tried and true recipes that I know how to make quickly :-)