Sunday, July 29, 2018

Summer Plans Week 9

Can you believe that it is the last full week of July? I can't!  Just like last week, I re-evaluated my original plan to make needed changes.  I am still extremely thankful that I sat down in May and wrote out a plan for June, July, and August.  Yes, as we are hitting the end of July and August, there are changes but it gave me a great focus.

Sunday - Darryl has a concert today.  (This was a "surprise" concert - we had no idea it was on the calendar until a few days ago - oops!)  This went as planned but I didn't take photos this  week :-) 

Monday - We are going to attend a 5 day club in the area.  This is something new to us but it is a great opportunity to take our friends to hear about Jesus :-)  If the weather is nice, we will swim in the afternoon.  The kids attended day one of the 5 Day Club. It was a rainy day though, so instead of swimming, we continued work on cleaning and organizing the boys room. 
 I didn't take a single picture of the 5-day club but I did take photos of these awesome cows :-) 

Tuesday - 5 day club in the morning.  We will swim in the afternoon - weather permitting. Finally, we could swim again!  

Wednesday - Day three of the 5 day club :-)  This afternoon I think we will work on the boys room. A perfect plan.  The boys and I finished up their room and we went swimming in the evening! 

Thursday - We have to miss the 5 day club today because today is the Library Party in the Park!  Depending on the weather - we may have a picnic and play at the park for a bit in the afternoon. The Party was fun!  We then went swimming in the afternoon AND evening! 

Friday - Today is the last day of the 5 day club.  Swimming is on deck for the afternoon. The last day of 5-day club was great but, then it rained so we stayed home and the boys and I worked on their school desks and my desk (ok, I did most of the work and they just did a little HA!)  BUT,  I also took more cow pictures :-) 

Saturday - It's Christmas in July at the campground - based on last year, they had some fun things for the kids to do so we will hang out at the campground :-)  It was an enjoyable day at the campground! 
 The boys played a few games of checkers.
 Decorated some cookies. 
 Hung out at Nana's camper. 

 They got gifts from Santa.
 And . .. we swam :-)  (Nate jumping into the pool) 

(Josh jumping into the pool) 

It was another great week of summer fun!