Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Fun - July 18th

As my boys get older, each summer I want to do more things with them in order to enjoy this amazing age that they are currently at.  Well, this summer has brought some wonderful things for us to do and we are all enjoying it.

Monday - Today started off with swimming lessons again.  Both boys showed marked improvement as they both went completely underwater which is something they both had a hard time with last week. After swim lessons, we picked up lunch and headed to Nana's campsite to eat together.  Following lunch, we all got on swimsuits and headed to the pool.  It was fabulous.  The pool was clean and heated.  Not to mention that both boys were jumping (feet first) into the pool by the end of the afternoon, going fully underwater and even seeing who could stay under the longest.  Nana treated us to dinner at Applebees (1/2 priced burgers!) before the boys headed to TKD.  They were tired.  And sunburned.  But it was fun!

Tuesday - Swimming lessons continued today.  We then hung out at home to recover from our extra amounts of sun-kissed skin.  Nana joined us for dinner before we headed to the Ionia Free Fair.  I'll be honest, we had not planned to go but Josh and Nate talked over and over about how they had waited for a whole year for it to come back to town and they were just devastated that they wouldn't get to go. Well, they said it in front of Nana and the rest was history!  Really, I had hoped to take them so I'm glad it worked out.

Wednesday - Swimming lessons!  The biggest accomplishment today is that Josh jumped off the diving board!  This is a huge thing since a week ago he wouldn't put his head under water.  We hung out at home during the afternoon and the boys played in the sprinkler.  Then we had dinner and pool time at Nana's.  .

Thursday - We wrapped up this round of swimming lessons and then the boys headed to Grandpa and Grandma's for a few days.

Friday - All the fun to be had at Grandpa and Grandma's!