Saturday, July 20, 2019

Our Week in Photos #28

It was a super busy week with both expected and unexpected plans!

 We started our week with the Free Fair.  We always go for one evening of rides, food, and entertainment.  We picked Saturday evening because it was one of the coolest nights of the 10 days.  It was still hot until the sun went down but at least there was a breeze!  I had to get the annual photo of the boys and Darryl in line for the Ferris wheel.

 On Sunday, Darryl and I went out on a date day.  We had lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, did some shopping, enjoyed some smoothies at Panera Bread and went swimming.  

 On Monday my niece and her husband stopped on the way home to Ohio to have lunch with us at my mom's house.  Yes, my boys are almost as tall as Marisa. 
 In the evening, Nate and I went to his Tae Kwon Do workout and picnic at the park.  It was hot.  At least there was an amazing breeze and they were in the shade. 
 Tuesday was not the best day.  HA!  I had to drive to Grand Rapids.  On the way home, the vehicle in front of me threw a metal bar and it damaged my truck.  We are thankful that it is superficial and that I didn't get hurt but I really hate seeing damage on my truck! 
 Our Kuerig also died on Tuesday so I picked up a small coffee pot for Darryl.  We will replace our Kuerig but I don't drink much coffee in the summer so this works for now. 
My contacts are also messed up which is the whole reason I had to go to Grand Rapids on Tuesday to begin with .. .and then I had to go back on Wednesday!!  

The good thing on Tuesday is that the boys had a good friend over for the afternoon and they had a blast.  I forgot to sneak a picture! 

On Wednesday we had a field trip to our state park for swimming.  It was HOT again so swimming was good.  

On Thursday and Friday we enjoy quiet mornings followed by swimming.  We even swam in the rain on Thursday and it was so fun!  

I think we are all ready for the weekend!  

Friday, July 19, 2019

Weekly Menu

My menu took a nose dive last week partly due to the heat.  Tuesday we were running the boys friend home and Josh remembered I forgot to buy him a promised sausage and egg mcmuffin on Saturday so he got that; I didn't feel like cooking for Darryl and I so I just picked up two Chili's from Wendy's.  Wednesday my mom cooked and on Thursday -it was too hot to heat up the kitchen so we grabbed Taco bell!  It makes Menu Planning this next week easier :-)

Friday - Since it's supposed to be pretty close to death, I am not heating up the kitchen.  I'm not sure what we will heat but something I don't have to cook.

Saturday - I have stuff for veggie pizza that I ran out of time to make on Monday for Nate's picnic.  So, I'm leaning toward some fun foods.  Veggie Pizza, taco Dip, and something in the crock pot like meatballs. 

Sunday - Pork Loin in the crock pot, Mac and Cheese, Applesauce and Biscuits

Monday - Chicken, Noodles, and green beans

Tuesday - tacos.  Tonight we have a movie night with our Orthodontist. So tacos will be easy to eat early

Wednesday - Darryl is gone today so I'm sure we will eat with my mom (hint, hint HA!)

Thursday - I've found that I like keeping Thursday open.  Leftovers, something I haven't cooked yet this week, or, by Wednesday, I'll pick something up if needed (Like and Aldi pizza!)

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Summer Week #7

Here's the plan followed by what really happened :-)

Thursday - I had a Leadership meeting and the boys have Theater class. This went as planned.  The leadership meeting was longer than normal so we didn't have much time and ended up meeting Darryl for Taco Bell dinner at about 7:00 after Theater.  

Friday - Swimming.   Swimming was great :-)  What was also great was having nothing to do Friday evening and just getting to hang out at home! 

Saturday - The Free Fair!  We made our annual trek to the Free Fair that is literally across the street from our house (ok, it's technically a 1/2 mile away but it is still across the street!) It was amazing, fun, fantastic, just all of those things! 

Sunday - Darryl and I are going out for the day.  The boys went with my mom and Darryl and I got to have a date day.  

Monday - My Niece is coming to visit, Nate has a hair appointment scheduled, and then Nate has a Tae Kwon Do picnic. I ended up moving Nate's appointment so we had more time with my niece and her husband and I'm so glad I did!  Once we got home, we had just a little bit before Nate and I had to leave for his summer practice and picnic in the park. 

Tuesday - They boys have a friend coming over. I ended up having to make a quick trip to town for my contacts so my mom came over.  The boys friend still came over and they had a great time. 

Wednesday - We have a field trip with our co-op. I had to make a second trip back to the eye doctor (trying to resolve a contact/vision issue!).  Then, we headed to our local state park/beach for swimming with our Homeschool Friends. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Worship - Is he Worthy

I heard this twice this week - once while driving and once while washing dishes!  Both times, I was singing with it the whole time so I knew I wanted to share it! 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Our week in photos #27

It's been a quiet week, yet its been busy???  It's one of those weird weeks HA!

Our big event this week was an art class with our co-op.  It was fun; it stretched me because I'm not an artist.  Josh loves art . ..Nate tolerates it (he is more mathematical!) 

Friday, July 12, 2019

Weekly Menu

After a great week last week of hardly cooking when my brother and his family was here thanks to lots of meals at my mom , this week meant cooking at home HA!  Even though I had a plan in place, I kinda shifted things around based on our plans for the day and the weather - we managed to grill out a little since it wasn't quite so hot!  Here's the plan for the coming week.

Friday - We are going to have Shrimp Cocktail, Crescent Wrapped Sausages and Asparagus.  I just wanted some fun food.

Saturday - We are going to the Fair! 

Sunday - Darryl and I are hoping to go on a "date" after church so we will get to eat out while the boys hang with my mom. (She doesn't know that yet HA!)

Monday - Tonight Nate and I have a picnic with his TKD crew.  Obviously Darryl and Josh can come too but I'm not sure what they are doing yet!

Tuesday - Chicken, potatoes, and a veggie :-) (So specific HA!)

Wednesday - Teriyaki Pork Loin, Mac and Cheese, Applesauce, and Crescent Rolls

Thursday - I'm not sure yet - I might just see what meat is on sale at Meijer and pick that up and make something to go with it. 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Summer Week # 6

Last week was such a great week with family!  This week will be a little slower which is totally fine!  I feel like we aren't doing a whole lot but my kids are real home bodies so I try to find a nice mix of things to do while allowing them to hang out at home too. So, as with the other weeks, I write the post with the plan for the week and then add in bold what we actually do.

Friday - Hanging with family, swimming, dinner and games with everyone.  We had so much fun on the last day with my brother and sister-in-law!  We did all of these things and . . .laughed! 

Saturday - After a busy week, today the plan is to hang low, do some grocery shopping, catch up on a few things and relaxing! I stuck to the plan.  We enjoyed another dinner at my mom's with leftovers ! 

Sunday - Today is church.  The boys want to visit our splash pad which is new to our town this year so we might head over there after lunch. We had lunch with my mom and then . . just went home.  We all just relaxed at home and never made it to the splash pad! 

Monday - My original plan was either to head to Micheals for a craft or it is baby animal week at our local zoo.  In reality, neither of those are happening!  It's too hot for the zoo :-)  Monday's plan is to swim after having a few days off from the pool.  We really enjoyed the pool - it was quiet compared to the previous week! 

Tuesday - Today is busy :-)  The boys have an Orthodontist appointment in the morning and then in the afternoon we are going to an art class being put on by our Friday School art teacher. The boys ortho appointment went great and we had fun at the art class!! 

Wednesday - I think Darryl is taking the day off work - if he does I'm hoping we can clear out a cluttered area in our yard that just needs us to take and hour and do.  Get rid of some trash stuff, cut down some over grown and mow.  Nate also wants to play the game of life and we might convince Darryl to go to the pool with us too! Darryl did not take today off so plans changed.  We actually started our day at the clinic because Josh has swimmer's ear and then we went swimming followed by dinner at pizza hut with my mom. 

That's our week!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

What I'm Reading

Honestly, I haven't been reading a whole lot.  I did finish a book for book club last month but, even though it was a good read, I would not recommend it to anyone else due to the language.  I skipped a lot of it; I wouldn't have finished reading it if it wasn't for book club!

I did read book three in this series by Terri Blockstock.  This book did not disappoint and was the perfect ending to a three book series.  I would highly recommend these books if you like a little suspense and mystery in what you read! 

This month I've challenged myself to read more.  I do have a book club book to read and I'd like to read a book or two on my shelf. 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday Worship - The Lord's My Shepherd

We sang this song in church back in May and I knew the moment we sang it that it would be the song I'd sing at the Family Reunion.  It's such a beautifully simple song!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Our Week in Photos #26

Here's a snapshot of our week!

We started last weekend with the family reunion and it was awesome.  We got to spend time with lots of family we seldom see PLUS we got to spend so much time with my niece Alicia and her family.  We spent some time at the beach and got to eat with them - it was just amazing.

 Josh and Hayden had fun decorating cookies
 Nate and my cousin Carrie discovered a common interest - the family tree.  They worked together to make a current family tree.  It was so fun to watch this little friendship work. 

Six of the 9 siblings - one couldn't make it and then 2 are gone (My dad being one of them)  It was a bittersweet moment taking this photo for sure. 

My brother and his family arrived at my mom's on Sunday night and stayed for the week.  On Monday, we swam and then had dinner at our house.  My niece, Kate stayed the night and hung out with the boys which they just plain loved. 

 On Tuesday after swimming again (they loved having Kate at the pool!) we went to my mom's where Kate and the boys played board games for hours.  The boys stayed the night to get more time with Kate. 
 Good Golly Miss Molly.  

On both July 4th and 5th, we swam and then hung out at my mom's house with my brother and sister-in-law.  The boys took 15 games over to play with my sister-in-law who loves games.  Somehow Twister seemed to reappear every day HA!  

It was really a great week with so many fun things going on.  Family is so very important and I'm so thankful for so much of that time over the past week!

Friday, July 5, 2019

Weekly Menu

Last week was great - I didn't have to cook much :-)  My mom cooked several meals since we had family visiting which was a nice treat!  Now, it's back to a little bit of a quieter week coming up on us which means more cooking HA!

Friday - Tonight is a total leftover night.  I have pulled pork, beans, salad, and chips.  I'll fill in with anything else needed (like Mac and Cheese or something)

Saturday - I have a crock pot/pasta dish I've been meaning to make and have all the stuff to make so that's the plan for tonight.

Sunday - Roasted Pork Loin, Crash Potatoes, and a veggie of some sort.

Monday - Spaghetti and garlic bread

Tuesday - Homemade Chicken Nuggets and Fries

Wednesday - Tonight is a leftover/pizza night

Thursday - Tonight the boys have Theater class and my mom and I want to go to a book signing in Grand Rapids so we night have to squeeze a quick dinner in between the two for all four of us if Darryl can't make it home in time :-)  (the boys have gone on book signings before - they tolerate it for me HA!)

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Summer Week 5

First of all - Happy 4th of July! 

I feel like this summer is slipping away faster than I want it too!  Maybe it's because it was so unseasonably cool through much of June that has made it feel like we missed part of summer.  Granted, now that it is hotter than all get out, I'd kind of like those cooler temps back again!

Here's a breakdown of our summer fun this past week!

Thursday - It's Library day, Theater Class, the last night of VBS and I'm meeting a friend for coffee before she leaves for Florida.  Every single thing happened :-)  We were running like crazy in the evening to get it all done but we did it! 

Friday - We are leaving for a family reunion. We hit the road, turned in school books, stopped for lunch, checked into our hotel, had dinner, went to my nieces campsite, and walked around seeing family at the campground. It was a great day. 

Saturday - It's Reunion Time! Another amazing day.  It was all about the family reunion! 

Sunday - More Reunion Time! Another great day! The reunion wrapped up today and we headed home. 

Monday - My brother Ken and his family are in town so we are going swimming and having dinner at our house. Swimming was perfect, dinner was good, and we laughed alot.  Plus my niece stayed the night with the boys and they were thrilled. 

Tuesday - Spending more time with my brother's family. We unexpectedly got to swim in between storms.  Then dinner at my mom's house where the boys stayed to have another sleep over with their (current) favorite cousin! 

Wednesday - If the weather holds, we will swim.  Then Fireworks in the evening.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday Worship - Spirit of the Living God

The boys and I heard this song recently driving to piano lessons.  It really is a simple song but with a good message.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Our Week in Photos #25

Here's a look back at our week in photos:

 On Sunday we met friends from out of state for lunch.  I haven't seen them in 29 years.  It was such a special visit!

 On Monday, Nate tested for his Green belt.  This kid loves Tae Kwon Do and it shows. 
 On Tuesday, we met friends at our local state park beach.  Those three standing WAY out in the distance - those are three of the kids HA!

 On Thursday we got to see Snakes at the library.  Nate loved it; Josh liked it; I tolerated it!!  (Snakes are not my thing!)

 Thursday night ended VBS at our church.  the boys had a great time! 

It was a fun busy week with swimming thrown in a couple of days too.  Now we are looking forward to a family reunion, my brother and his family coming to visit and the 4th of July holiday!  

Friday, June 28, 2019

Weekly Menu

This menu includes a little trip and a holiday!  Whew!  I'm going to keep meals simple. Should be a fun week!

Friday - We are heading to a family reunion so dinner will be there.

Saturday - Family Reunion :-)

Sunday - Family Reunion :-)

Monday - My brother, Ken,  and his family are in town - we are all eating dinner at my house.  Pulled Pork tenderloin, Baked Beans, Corn and Tomato Salad and Chips and Dip.

Tuesday - Tonight we are all eating at my mom's house

Wednesday - Tonight I think we will keep it simple and do homemade chicken nuggets and oven fries.

Thursday - Happy 4th of July !  We are having a cookout at my mom's!

Now if only my brothers Kel, and Jeff and their families could be here too! :-)

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Summer Fun Week 4

How are we four weeks into summer?  I'm not quite sure.  It's been a beautiful summer - rainy - but beautiful.  Shoot, we hadn't even put the AC units in as of this past weekend and that was the latest that has ever happened!  Looking ahead, though, with upper 80 temps this coming week, I started putting them in on Monday.  It's hard to want to do anything if the house is hot and we are all sweating!  Anyway, here's what was planned and what we did this past week!

Thursday - The Library program and Theater Class. Both of these things happened just as planned :-) 

Friday - Swimming and then Nate wants to go see some classmates test for their black belts. We did both of these things.  

Saturday - Just a quiet day - swimming if the weather is nice otherwise just hanging at home. We enjoyed swimming - the pool was super busy but it was a perfect day to swim! 

Sunday - my mom and I are going to meet long time friends for lunch and VBS starts tonight This was an amazing thing - visiting with long time friends was just amazing and the boys enjoyed VBS.  

Monday - Nate has TKD testing tonight while Josh is going to VBS. This went just as planned. 

Tuesday - If the weather is nice, we are going to swim and then VBS in the evening. We actually met friends at the State campground beach and the kids played together there.  Then we went to VBS at night. 

Wednesday - Today is going to be "quiet" maybe swimming or maybe not.  VBS in the evening.  We did go swimming - it was a perfect day for it!  And, we brought one of the boys friends with us too.  Then, of course, VBS> 


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Summer Goal Progress

Here's a quick look at what was accomplished in June! I feel like it looks like I didn't do much but yet I feel like I did - we've been busy with a variety of things . . .just not all of these things!
1. Scrapbooking
    --- Figure out how many page protectors I need to completely finish albums. I did this and have it noted so I can order when I can. 

    --- Spend about 4 hours a month specifically scrapbooking.  I want to carve out schedule time to scrapbook.  I'm hoping for at least one 4 hour block each month. The month isn't done but . . I have a busy few days so this won't happen this month. 
2. Desks - Work with the boys to completely clean out their school desks so they are ready for the fall; also do a complete clean out of my desk so it's nice an organized once again. 
3. Clean the garage and organize it completely.
4. Clean out the playroom and organize everything
5. Clean out the boys rooms and help them organize all of their stuff.
6. Continue work in the basement - a lot of progress has been made but still more to do!
  -- In June we cleaned the laundry room and got a new washer/dryer; got the dehumidifers going!; and cleaned up the "playroom" (really it's toy storage - no one wants to play there HA) 
7. Clean out my flower bed and plant the sunflower seeds Done
8. Read 6 books throughout the summer.  Setting the bar low!
9. Take year end photos of the boys Done 
10. Take School photos of the boys (End of August)
11. Learn a piano song for July (have to play the piano for church)
12. Learn my special for July (Have to sing at church)
13. Make the elusive dentist appointment HA!
14. Order Halloween Costumes (yes, I do this in the summer before prices start to climb!)
15. Plan two birthdays and Christmas (I like to plan by the end of August to make it easier to accomplish everything)
16. Bake and Cook something new.  Specifically I'd like to try making Macarons. Those delicious little French pastries.  I also have a few great cookbooks I'd like to try a few things from as well.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Worship - Dream Small

We live in a society where everyone always says "Dream Big"!  or "You Can do Anything you Want!"  . . ..well, sometimes it is ok to dream small too.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Our Week in Photos #24

I'll be honest, I thought I took more photos this week but apparently I did not!  

This past weekend was Father's Day - we hung around home, enjoyed dinner at my mom's on Saturday, and Burgers on the grill on Sunday.  
Monday, Josh got his hair cut and then we hung out at my mom's for lunch and a bit after that. 
Tuesday the boys went to the Orthodontist. 
Wednesday was a quiet, rainy day
Finally, Thursday!!! 

 On Thursday we went to the library summer program - Stormy the Magician.  He always makes me laugh. 
The boys also went to theater class but there are no photos of that. 

On Friday we went swimming first. 
Then, Nate wanted to go see two of his class mates test for their black belts so he and I went to that.  Wow.  I thought I would be bored but it was the opposite - it is so impressive to see all these two young men had to know and do.  I told Nate that I was stressed out and it wasn't even HIM testing HA!  

So it was a fun week - just lacking in photos! 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Weekly Menu

Welcome to another week of eating!  This is a pretty quiet week coming up.  Summer seems to be running a little slow this year which is actually kind of nice.  I have a feeling though that July is going to come and surprise us all!

Friday - Crock-pot Ziti and Garlic Bread

Saturday - I think we might grill . .. maybe :-)

Sunday - So, VBS starts tonight at church so we need to leave home by 5:25.  That means that meals have to kid friendly and easy.  Tacos it is!

Monday - We have VBS for Josh and TKD for Nate.  Pizza and Mac and Cheese makes everyone happy

Tuesday - VBS!  Chicken Nuggets and Fries

Wednesday - VBS! Spaghetti :-)

Thursday - VBS! Pizza and Mac and Cheese (again) because it's the boys favorites :-)

Now, looking at this menu, it is possible that Darryl and I might treat ourselves out one night (Like $5.00 box meals from Taco Bell HA!)  since the kids will have to eat at 5:00 every night.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer Fun Week 3

Wow, third week of summer!  I really enjoy summer (not 100 degree days though!) and I find that with homeschool that fills our days during the school year, it makes summer more special because we are tied to books and desks.  I will say that I think last week was probably the busiest week of our summer and things will slow down as the weeks progress!!  Here's the plan for the coming week

Thursday - Today is the last day of Running Club (my kids are so tired!).  I also have book club in the evening so the boys are going to have dinner with my mom. This day went just as planned.  The boys WERE tired by the end of Thursday.  

Friday - Today the boys are going to a one day Vacation Bible School that they are super excited about! This day also went as planned :-) 

Saturday - I "think" Darryl is taking this day off so we will celebrate Father's Day with him. We hung out at home and then had dinner at my mom's 

Sunday - We tend to keep Sundays kind of quiet.  If the weather is nice we will go swimming; if not we will just crash at home! We crashed at home after church and lunch.  

Monday - Josh is getting his hair cut; Nate has Tae Kwon Do. We added a few things - we had lunch at my moms followed by running some errands.  So we had a busy day. 

Tuesday - The boys have orthodontist appointments to get their expanders.  Neither one is looking forward to this day so we will probably just come home. Dentist appointments went well and then we ended the day with swimming at the pool since it was a perfect day!  

Wednesday - Swimming if the weather will cooperate! The weather did not cooperate so we just hung out at home.  The power went out just before time to make dinner so we ended up having to grab something out (no, I wasn't heartbroken HA!)   It was a pretty quiet day. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Year End Photos!

I always love to see photos from the beginning of the school year and the end of the school year.  The changes in the boys isn't always noticeable day by day but seeing photos 9 months apart - wow.  I will admit though that this year, I already knew how much they had changed because they both jumped 3 sizes in clothes and about 4 sizes in shoes over the past school year.  Still - I love seeing them grow!

Nate - September 2018 at the start of 3rd grade
Nate - June 2018 at the end of 3rd grade. 
Josh - September 2018 at the start of 4th grade
Josh - June 2018 at the end of 4th grade. 

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Our Week in Photos #23

Here's a peek at our week!

 On Sunday the boys had an amazing Piano Recital on Sunday.  They were both nervous but did a great job. 
 Monday night Nate had Tae Kwon Do.  He loves it and does such a great job! 

 On Tuesday we had our year end picnic with our online school.  It was a perfect day for the Fun Run, great activities, swimming in the lake, and hanging out at the splashpad!
 On Wednesday the boys had running club (sorry no photos!) and we got our new washer and dryer.  
The boys also had running club on Thursday (again no photos!) 

On Friday the boys attended a VBS for the day.  This photo is of Josh as a "Ninja" - actually all the kids got headbands to match their team.  :-) 

So, we had a busy, fun week!