Sunday, October 27, 2013

Look Who's Five!

 We had a small party for Josh on Saturday, the 19th, with Papa and Nana and three cousins - Breadon, Seth and Kate.  I let Josh pick what he wanted for dinner and he picked Tacos!  I added Bean Dip and Finger Jell-O.  

 Gifts are always such a big deal!  Josh loved his gifts . . .and so did Nate :-)
 I put together a fun little Halloween Cake - Josh Loved the eyeballs :-) 

Then, on the 22nd, Josh's actual birthday, We had a fun day with just the family.
 The boys made paper Cupcakes.
 And played Pin the tail on the Donkey.
 And decorated cookies.
 And gave me a HUGE smile :-)

 Then came the gifts!!!

And we ended the day with cupcakes!