Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly Challenges

Normally on Sundays I like to post about challenges - one blog I follow was doing weekly challenges but I've noticed that the last few weeks she has not posted any.  She had said she would only do them if people were participating so maybe the couple of us weren't enough at this point or maybe she just need a break from planning them!  Her challenges really helped me get some things done which I'm thankful for but hope she does more!

There is another blog I follow, I Heart Organizing that has been doing monthly organizing challenges that I haven't participated in a whole lot because you can only do so many at a time!  I'm looking forward to seeing what her May challenge will be - hopefully it is something I can jump on board with at this point!

I guess for now, I may need to come up with a new theme for my Sunday posts . . . .maybe I'll move my own Simplify posts and my 40 x 40  updates instead.  It may surprise you that I actually do have a theme to what I post daily and plan even a month in advance for certain posts so I have time to get photos and such! 

In case you ever wondered, this is what I aim for each week currently but this will be changing I think due to the challenge change.

Sunday: Challenge updates
Monday: Simplify/40x40 updates; Family related posts - anything from saving money to date ideas to routines; Currently - I try to post the Fitblogger posts on Monday
Tuesday: Too Cute Not To Toot; Crafts; Misc posts about anything
Wednesday: What I'm Loving Wednesday; Devotional Posts
Thursday: Mommy Time Ideas; Educational or Toy ideas
Friday: Recipes
Saturday: Happenings in this House; Creative Memory Spotlight.

As you can see - there are a lot of days that I may put up two posts so make sure and scroll down to see posts! 

So . . this was a random post hahaha  I hope you have a wonderful week!  This is my husband's first week out on his own route each day so things will be a little crazy around here I think :-)