Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekly Menu

Hello there!  This is a normal week, I think! Last week's menu did not go as planned.  I had planned to go to the store on Tuesday but then we got hit with a rain/sleet/freezing rain/snow storm that started on Monday night and lasted all day on Tuesday.  We went no where!  Just to get from our door to the garage meant ice skating across the sidewalk due to all of the rain that "flash froze".  I finally made it to the store on Thursday (My husband stopped on Tuesday on his way home from work to pick up a few things so we would "survive" hehehehe) so I "shopped" from home for Tuesday and Wednesday night.  We had Ham and Cheese Quiche, Donut muffins, and hashbrowns on Tuesday and a Roast, Potatoes and Carrots on Wednesday.  All good food :-)

This past week while at the Scrapbook Weekend, several of us got to talking about menu planning.  One of the women said she thinks that that effort/time of prepping/cooking/eating/and clean-up is over rated and she hates it.  This is what they eat every week - Sun- Order Pizza, Mon . . this one I can't recall, Tues is Tacos, Wednesday is her husbands day, Thursday her Mother-in-law makes dinner and Friday/Saturday they eat out.  Seriously??  Most of us said we menu plan and the meals are different every week or we get bored.  Remember my family favorites?  I put them all back in their normal places of my recipe book - I'm tired of them.  Seriously.

On a slightly different note, I've started to think about summer cooking.  I want to have a plan this year - a small "summer" recipe book maybe with things that are not so "hot" to cook or eat.  It's funny to think about right now as I watch a snow storm out the window but I know that if I don't think about it now, we'll hit the first hot week and eat out every night (which, by the way, we will eat out more in the summer - it's even going to go on the menu!!) 

Here is this weeks plan!

Monday - Homemade Pizza and Homemade Sauce - I've had this recipe sitting around for awhile and decided this was a good time to try it.  If the sauce is good, I'd like to make a huge batch and freeze it . .. if it isn't, I'll go back to the can!  We will also have breadsticks (probably just pillsbury kind) because my 3 year old doesn't like pizza!

Tuesday - A few weeks ago we were supposed to meet friends for dinner but my truck died so we had to cancel.  This is our "make-up" day :-)

Wednesday - Darryl has practice so I decided to try something new that might not be his favorite - Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fried Rice.  This is a pinterest recipe that has HUGE reviews even from people I actually know.  We'll see how it turns out.  Darryl might just have to learn to like it :-)

Thursday - I've had quite a few "I want to try this" recipes floating around in my recipe book for awhile - this is another one and it is Apple Stuffed Pork Chops with Herb Gravy.  I'm going to serve it with Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes and a veggie I have in the pantry . . .green beans, carrots, peas - I'll decide by dinner!

Friday - I saw a recent episode of Pioneer Woman - she made Lasagna and Garlic Bread - I'm going to try her recipe; it is just slightly different than mine but the changes look like they are a good thing :-)

Saturday - Tonight we are heading to a night of "Dinner and Praise" at a local church.  We get to eat dinner and then there is a music service (Yep, I'm singing).  Should be a great night.

Sunday - After church - Puerto Rican Chicken (we use this recipe for our Thanksgiving Turkey), Stuffing, Mashed Potoates and Gravy and Green Beans.  Later in the evening I think we will get a Pizza or something.

Monday - Korean Taco's, Chips and Cheese and Oven Roasted Green Beans.  This is my first night back to practice with the Lakewood Choral Society so I wanted something easy for dinner :-)

Our sweets this week - Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies, Oatmeal Scotchies in a Pan and Cool Whip Dessert.