Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tot Time - March Plans

Earlier this week, I shared this post with all kinds of ideas to work on for St. Patrick's Day.  I've used those ideas and other ideas I'll share here along with some other generic ideas to get us through the whole month. 

First up, check out this awesome free downloadable subway art!  Today's Fabulous Finds graciously has posted many different versions of this art so please click the link, pick your favorite, print and make sure to leave her a comment!
I was so excited to see these activity cards posted by Mydeliciousambiguity - the same place I picked up the Valentine's cards last month.  These are my spring board for many ideas to use with my kids throughout the month and I'm so thankful for the work she puts into these.  (I was secretly hoping she would post something awesome like this!)

MooMoo's and Tutu's has also just recently posted a St Patrick's day packet.  You can purchase it for a small fee and get tons of ideas. 

And, one last unit that just came up is from Musings of Me - she always posts such great ideas!

In looking for some other ideas to do outside of just St. Patricks Day, I went back to one of my favorite blogs and that is Musings of Me. (same as the one I just mentioned!)  I've picked out two themes to incorporate.  One is her Space Unit

She is also doing a "trekking across the state" them and has several units out already.  We are going to start with Alabama unit and just work through items slowly.  She also created a Passport that is super cute.  We aren't going to use it yet but I have it saved to use down the road as my boys get bigger (Yes, we will do these same units several times over the next few years by adding more of the activities as they get older and also adding more things that I find elsewhere.)

One other idea I started throwing around is this Tot Book from 1+1+1=1 based on the Movie Cars.  Currently the movie the boys LOVE to watch when we travel is Finding Nemo.  But both boys love playing cars so this seems like a naturally fitting movie to tie in now. 
And then there is one that goes with Nemo too!
And Thomas
I should also include this - the New Cars Preschool Pack as well
Overloaded yet? I am LOL  But, I took ideas and have plugged them into our calendar.  It is a general plan for the month.  This week, I'll be working on the ideas for the first two weeks of the month with much more specific ideas.  Than, I'll work on the last two weeks during the first weeks of March.

If you would like to check out my March calendar just click here.  Just remember that it is my plan - it doesn't mean I will get to everything but if you don't plan, nothing gets done!.  I tried to include links on the calendar as there are some things, like file folder games, that I didn't list in any post. (I created it before adding a few of the links above so I may change and/or incorporate different ideas as well!)

Enjoy :-)