Saturday, January 19, 2019

Our Week in Photos #3

We worked this week on finishing up our semester, had two "ice days" and started Friday School just to name a few things in our week.  Now, here's our week in photos

 We started out our week with haircuts.  I love that our stylist now washes the boys hair too.  She said that they are "Now big enough for the bowl".  They absolutely love this !! 
 The boys and I went for a walk on Monday night . . this is what we all felt like after our 20 minutes of "brisk walking" HA!  
 On Tuesday I had a board meeting - this was the "board kids" practicing our new song. 

 Tuesday and Wednesday were "ice days"  Our friends were with us both days as school was canceled.  There was lots of train circles, video games, and, well, ice! 

 Thursday brought the Homeschool Library activity.  They learned about Antartica - Snow shoe races, a snow storm experiment, and making snowballs with q-tips and styrofoam balls. 

 They still love to ride "Sandy" at Meijer . . .I'm not sure how much longer this will be fun! 

Finally, we ended our week with Friday School :-)