Monday, March 30, 2015

Make It Monday - A St Patrick's Day Craft

We did a fun (and easy) craft on St. Patrick's day that both of the boys enjoyed. 

To begin with I prepped the craft by cutting out a black pot and gluing it onto some white cardstock.  I then prepared a plate with a small amount of paint to make the rainbows.  Had I been thinking, I would have saved some of the Rolo papers as the boys ate their treats in the morning to use on the top of the black pot for "gold". 

 Josh loved finger painting and did a really great job making his rainbow.
 Nate wasn't too keen on using his finger so he got out some q-tips to work with at the beginning.

 The boys also liked playing in the paint (once they were done with a color) and combining various colors to see what new color they could make.

 Eventually Nate did use his finger and said, "Mom, I DO like finger painting after all!". 
The boys finished pictures.  Nates is on the left and Josh's is on the right.