Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Too Cute Not to Toot!

So, let me explain a little something.  I have a few key blogs that I use to pick out my ideas - they host weekly linky party for crafts and such and gives me lots of opportunities to visit other blogs I would otherwise never find.  One of my loyal blogs has stepped back from blogging to focus more on her family (which is fantastic!) so I lost one of my favorite resources.  I'm trying to avoid using only Pinterest for the sole reason that Pinterest has kind of taken the personal touch away from blogs. No worries, I just have to find some other prime resources to get great ideas from to share with all of you!

First up is this cute idea from Artsy Va Va  and is perfect as so many in my region, at least, are getting ready to plant.  I know you can purchase corks online if you are like me and don't buy anything that has a cork :-)
I will admit that I first saw this idea on Pinterest but I'm putting it here because I also found it on a blog through a linky party.  The idea comes from Stars and Sunshine and looks so yummy!!
This idea from The Oxford Place Diaries and the real reason I'm posting it is to remember it.  It's a filing system and, if you know me, I'm always looking for ways to be more organized and even though I think setting up a system like this one might be time consuming - I like the over all idea and might try to incorporate it more into my day!
I love strawberries (and so does my son Josh!) so when I saw this great recipe from Recipes We Love, I couldn't pass it by.  I might have to try it out for the family party this weekend!

I love photos, as you may know, so when I find a cute idea that uses photos I have to share.  Ask Anna shares an easy tutorial for making photo blocks.  They would make a great gift for the grandparents but also a fun toy for the kids or a great conversation piece sitting on a coffee table.  What a great fun gift for a bride using engagement photos too!

You may recall that a few months ago I attempted to make a wreath using a pool noodle but it did not stay together.  After looking at this tutorial from Fox Hollow Cottage I think I discovered my problem . . . I cut the noodle in half!! :-)  Well, anyway, I think it is a cute idea  for a wreath overall whether you use a regular form or a pool noodle!

I created a summer planner for all of the activities we are going to hopefully do but it is open for change as I come across new ideas.  I love this idea from Train up a Child - I know my boys would love it and I think it is something I need to do on a day my husband is home too - he loves stuff like this!  As a side note (more to myself as a reminder) this site is one I want to check out for ideas for homeschooling and other things - it looks like a great blog.

This idea from Pre K and K Sharing because it is a beached theme unit and I have a three year old that has been asking to go to the beach since we had that really hot week in March.  We are actually hoping the weather cooperates and we can go to the beach Memorial Day weekend!!  This unit is a little old for my kids but I think I can take it and make it fit their level if needed.

Growing up, every once in awhile my mom would make homemade donuts.  I saw this post over at Life.Love.Larson and it made me hungry for just that :-)

I absolutely love this idea for a huge photo statement from This Girl's Life.  Down the road, I've mentioned wanting to go towards a beach/cottage feel in the living room so when I saw this idea I knew instantly that this will be an art piece in that room.  I'll be working on taking photos of the beach - the sand dunes, the water, the tall grasses - all to incorporate into a canvas like this . .. can you tell this makes me happy???

This cute wreath idea comes from Simply This and That and is cute but I can see, just as is stated in the tutorial, that this would be time consuming.  I think it is cute enough to warrant the time though :-)

My laundry room is out of the way where no one but me sees it but I still like to have it look nice since I spend a fair amount of time in and out of that room.  I really think that this idea from Burton Avenue is cute and easy.  To be honest, I like it best before it was antiqued but that is just me :-)

This idea from The DIY Dreamer is one of those "smack myself on the forehead ideas".  Why?  Because I've seen the magnets all over blogland using the glass beads but never ever thought about buttons!  Not only would these look cute in a craft room they would be great for working with kids on color!

As you can see, I had no problem finding some new sources - some right on my own blog list that I hadn't taken time to look through before :-) 

Coming up soon - I'm going to show you how I organize all of these ideas that I want to make - admittedly, it is time consuming to go back through all of the blog post and look for a particular idea plus I tend to get distracted and find millions of other ideas.  Instead I've created something that is working for me and I'll share that with you too!