Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St Patrick's Day

The green holiday is done and gone so I thought I would share what we did to celebrate.  I don't know why but St. Patrick's Day is the first holiday after Christmas that I get excited about.  I try to do something for Valentine's but I always seem to miss it - I guess I'm still recovering from all of the Christmas/New Year Celebrations NOT to mention the Superbowl! HA!

I shared on Monday what we did in Preschool for St. Patrick's Day.  You can check those ideas out HERE.

This year, St Patrick's Day fell on a Sunday so we altered a normal plans slightly.  We really started our festivities after we got home from church but the boys DID wear their St. Patrick's Day shirts to church :-)  We got new shirts this year since they had worn out the shirts I got two years ago !!  Here are my little Leprechauns!!

I'll be honest, originally, I had a few activities planned but, our Sunday's are kinda laid back and relaxed.  The boys (mostly Josh and Darryl HA) get to play video games, Nate actually gets to play the Bible game by himself on the computer and I . .. just relax :-)  The ideas I planned I'm going to tuck away in our holiday binder to use next year.

We did do a few fun things.  One, I found a cute idea over at Once Upon a Dream and made 3 leaf clovers for a special treat.
Yes, I ran out of green M and M's :-)  So, these were fun and are super rich but they are a little tedious to make. Next year, I'll have the boys each make a small tray themselves - they can do the work!! :-)

Unlike people who make Corned Beef and Cabbage, we Cabbage and . . Beef with Crash Potaotes (AKA Stuffed Cabbage and Potatoes) and Layered Jell-0.  For the record, Josh was quick to point that my Rainbow Jell-o was not in the right order!!.  For dessert we had Green Pudding with treasures in the bottom.

 Nate did not like the pudding so he just dug for his treat (A Rolo!)
 Josh ate some of his pudding until he found his treat- then he stopped!!!

After dinner the boys took the annual Green Bath (A drop of food coloring does wonders!). Sorry, no photos, they were in the bath before I could snap any of the water.

Our last activity of the day was a treasure hunt.  I hid Rolo's around the house (we don't like the gold, chocolate coins) and the boys had fun finding them (and eating some!).

(Excuse the Christmas PJ's HA - Note to Self - buy some green PJ's next year!!)

Hope your day was as fun as ours :-)