Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Goals for August (and a Recap of July)

 Wow, it is August.  Thank goodness!!!  July was kinda .. bad.  It was horrible, nasty hot almost every day which left me without much motivation or desire to do anything.  Here's hoping that August brings with it cooler, more comfortable weather!

Here is July's Recap:

1.  Summer Activities - We did quite a few things but not a lot of it was planned.  It was really too hot to do much.

2.  Decluttering - I'm still working on finishing up the basement - I'm in the middle of organizing all of my music which was a big task and I did clean off the drafting table.

3. The Big Room Switch - this was a total bust this month. 

4. Homeschooling - a total bust - no reason other than even the paper was sticky due to the humidity!

5. Potty Training - we are trying :-(

6.  Photos - All of my photos are backed up and so are my educational photos.  All of the discs are being moved to my parents this coming weekend so then they will be in two places :-)

7.  Celebrations - I did make a board on Pinterst with the ideas I have for Josh's birthday and also started our Christmas lists.

Lets talk about where I want to go in August.  August is technically the hottest month in Michigan but I don't think it can beat July (at least I hope not).  I'm hoping to get more things tackled and goals are the way to do that!

1. Summer Activities - I want to finish the summer with a bang so I am going to use this first week (while the kids are vacationing at the grandparents house) to plan the next few weeks and prepare as much as possible. I found that I spent a lot of time NOT doing anything with my kids instead of tying to be intentional each day and do something with them.  I want to finish out the summer strong.

2. Decluttering - I want to wrap this up this month - again, this is a main focus this week.  It won't take me long to finish, it's just a lot of little stuff to either find homes for or get rid of at this point.

3. The Big Room Switch - We have to get the floor ready to put new flooring down - the goal is to do it Labor Day Weekend.  That means we MUST pull up the carpet and the tacks.  The painting also needs to be done.  I plan on doing the walls in a light grey with a lime green/dark blue combo - kind of giving each boy their own section of the room.  (The colors match their bedding).  I've made the decision to not paint the room we are moving into - or current bedding actually matches the room.  (And I actually really like both the paint color ad the bedding) The homeschool room - we are hoping to put in the same flooring in that room as he boys room and want to do it the same weekend.  I will improvise on the furniture for now until I can save the money to purchase what I want from Ikea. (Or maybe they will become some Christmas Ideas HA!) This will also allow us to create a playroom downstairs - the boys are already enjoying playing down there (and killing spiders) but their main source of play is pulling books off the shelve :-/  I need to fix that issue and we'll be bringing certain toys down there for them to play with as well.

4. Homeschooling - I have to get ready to start this fall, register for the home school group . . lots of prep work :-)

5. Potty Training - we will just keep working on this!!

6.  Photos/Scrapbooking - I'm working to finish up a photo challenge by September 1st - I need to still do 50 pages.  I'd like to be current through the end of July by August 31st - it is a lofty goal due to some HUGE photo ops in May but I'm going to try :-)

7. Celebrations - I will completely plan Josh's party and I will also put together a board for Nate's birthday. 

Here's hoping I can get as much done as I want to . . .as I need to . .. this month!