Saturday, January 9, 2016

Family Fun - Thanksgiving

So, I realize Christmas has just passed but I haven't posted any Family Fun posts since before Thanksgiving and wanted to start there so here's a recap of our Thanksgiving.

We spent Thanksgiving with my parents.  We arrived Thursday morning and enjoyed football, fellowship and, of course, some awesome food. 

It has become tradition for the boys to help my dad put the tree up and then help decorate it.  Papa had two very eager helpers as he put the tree together and worked to get the lights all working on the tree.  

Darryl . . enjoying some down time after working lots of days in a row. 

The boys watching Papa try to find the light that isn't working.  Notice the shirtless kid?  He is always hot and almost always shirtless. 

My dad.  Taking a break from all of the work.  

Quality time with Nana . . playing games on the Ipads.  HA!  What did we do before we all had something to play a game on???

The boys helping to hang decorations on the tree. 

The crazy kids, posing, shirtless, and just having fun.

Joshua :-) 
We had a great time at my parents and then we left the kids!!  Another tradition - they boys always stay for a few days after Thanksgiving while Darryl and I get to take off for home and enjoy some "kidless" days.