Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happenings in this House

I took last week off due to the Holiday weekend . . .. so I'll try not to picture overload but here are the Happenings in this House for the past two weeks!

 Don't you just love that face?  And people pay big money for hair like that LOL  :-) 
 Nate is always busy.  This is a favorite stepping stool (it is a computer lap desk) He loves to "step up" and "step down"
The boys playing together - notice how all of the trucks are lined up???  That was before Nate started playing ;-) LOL

 We went to Indianapolis for my nephew's open house Memorial Day weekend.  He had these awesome fishbowls as the centerpieces and Josh loved the fish.
 Nate just liked playing on the floor :-)
 Josh played volleyball with Dad and Grandma Mac . . . . .
 Nate played in the mulch, climbing the "mountain" . . . . .
And Darryl chased them all around the yard . . .and the neighbors yard too :-)
 For the past several years, we've gone to meet my Aunt and Uncle at a campground on Memorial Day Weekend.  This year, when we got there, it was at the start of a pretty severe storm.  We sat in the camper and listened to the storm hit (it was way to close!).  The thunder was LOUD and Josh was so scared . . .he went to sleep from closing his eyes.  He obviously feels very secure in his dad's arms.
Nate just camped out in this chair and played with my Aunt - he had no idea what was going on.

 We went downtown for the big Parade on Memorial Day.  The boys loved the "wee-wee's" . . .what?  The police cars and fire engines of course!!!
Then, we came home, set up the sprinkler and let the boys play - it was HOT!!!!

Those are the basics - I could have posted tons of other pictures but I didn't want to overload anyone :-)

Have a great weekend!

Creative Memories Spotlight

Have you been busy scrapbooking?  I have :-)  Over the last few weeks I completed two Graduation books from start to finish, put all of my printed pages on scrapbook pages for 2009 and edited the 2009 pages through September!!  I attended  a "short crop" (it is only 5 hours long haha) and updated my kids professional albums and got 2008 Christmas pages all done. AND I've been spending short bursts of time organizing my scrapbook/craft things so I can actually get to things and be much more productive  Oh, I also uploaded the rest of 2009 and 2010 completed pages to the site I print from so I can start ordering.  I can only do a small group at a time but that's ok, I have other projects to work on as I order and I will be current soon!!  PLUS I took time to really learn how to edit my photos in my Creative Memories Software and am LOVING it!   I edited some professionals shots we had done of the boys as well as started editing March 2010 photos.

So . . . with that said, I'm kinda buried up to my eyebrows in the Creative Memories Software - if you want to get your pictures organized quickly or even have them "put themselves in a book" this is for you!  Jump over to my WEBSITE and check out all of the digital scrapbooking items.   I personally still love the good old traditional way with pictures and paper BUT to get current or for those of you that don't have the patience for traditional . . .the digital software is the way to go!

Enjoy your weekend!  I'll be posting this coming weeks about the graduation albums so you can see what I did with that software too!  The more I use it the more I love it :-)