Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Too Cute Not To "Toot"!

I spent some time searching through some blogs this week and found some great ideas to check out! 

Surprisingly, I have not found a TON of ideas that I love for Christmas.  I'm not sure if it is because I already have so much Christmas stuff so I don't see the need to add more or if I'm just not inspired right now by much of what I see. Or it could be because I told myself I would not spend money on decor this year so any craft ideas I find are being saved to work on later in the year when I have more time.  But, with that said - there are still cute ideas out there!

I decorate with snowmen a lot at the holidays - they are so cute and, if I don't get my house un-decorated until mid-January it is ok!  This snowman Craft from insidebrucrewlife is adorable and is something that is going on my to do list before next summer.
The monogrammed ornaments shown over at apumpkinandaprincess are a great gift idea for neighbors, friends and family alike.  This version is a little more formal but I have also seen them done with clear bulbs, filled with shredded paper (or feathers, ect) and, instead of using vinyl, just use large stickers.

This candy jar is also from apumpkinandaprincess.  This is a remake of the candy jar she did for Halloween.  It would make a great gift idea for a teacher because it is something they could use at home or on their desk for special treats for students.  I'm hoping to get one of these made for a friend this weekend but we'll see (and I want to make one for myself next year!)

I love all of the great teaching ideas that are out there for this time of the year.  Musings of Me has posted a mini-unit on Camels based on a children's book.  Even if you can't use it this year - save the idea and have it ready for next year :-)

The Noel Boxes are really cute and craftomaniac found the boxes at the dollar star (what's better than that?)

craftomaniac also gave a great tutorial for a Christmas Card Holder.  I have searched for years for the "perfect" place to put my cards and this is it.  It is on my list of crafts to make for next Christmas :-)

Sassy Sites has been posting different linky parties each day - most recently she did one on printables - 35 different free pintables to be exact!  Check them out - there are lots of package labels to print!


Over at A glimpse Inside, I found a creative tutorial for a wooden snowflake.  I think they would look great hanging in each of my living room windows!
She also gives an easy recipe for "mint thins" from Kraft. com

I've seen tons of wreaths in Blog Land - and lots of ornament wreaths.  I think they are cute but have been looking for something different.  This wreath by Crafting In the Closet fits the bill.  I love it - the colors, the design, and the fact that it is . . . . . . different!

I know there there are tons more ideas out there - I'll keep looking since we have one more Tuesday before Christmas :-) 

I'm also making my list of Crafts to make in January and February.  My goal is to do one a week but I doubt that will happen along with the REST of my goals I have but that is what I'll plan for and we'll see how it goes!