Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . ..  that we had an awesome family reunion this past weekend!  I thought in this episode of "What I'm Loving" I'd share about our wonderful weekend :-)

Have you ever noticed how, when you really need things to go right, they don't?  That is how our Friday started!  Darryl had asked for a smaller route so he could be home by 3:00.  Apparently "smaller route" means - 8 stops in town with 10,000 pounds to deliver (A normal route is 6-7 stops . . .and about 4,000 pounds)  Amazingly he walked in the door at 3:50, took a shower and we were on the road by 4:05 thinking we were doing great.  We would be in Linden by 5:30. . . . and than we ran into some construction . . .lots of it.  We finally arrived at the reunion at . .. 6:20.  Yep - almost an hour later than we should have gotten there (and it started at 6:00!!!)  This might not seem like a big deal except . . . . . . . . .I was one of two people in charge HA!  My dad was the other one :-)  When we got there, I hit the ground running.  Besides dinner on Friday, which was first, we were also doing a talent night and I had two things to take care off.  First, was a skit based on a song my Grandpa wrote called "Nine kids and a Dog to Keep".  My brother Ken was playing Grandpa and was singing the song.  He and my husband started practicing (Darryl was playing the guitar) . . Ken started singing and than Darryl started laughing and said "Ken, you don't know this song do you?"  The best part is that he had told my dad that he "had it all under control" earlier in the week :-) hehehehe  So we spent a little time helping him learn the song and doing a TON of laughing.  My husband and I were also doing a song along with my cousin on drums . .. and we had to practice!  The skit went off fantastically - everyone loved it - my cousins performed perfectly without a lick of practice HA!  Now, my husband and I were sitting there enjoying the evening while my niece was playing with the kids in the nursery . . .. until my sister-in-law walked up and whispered no one likes to hear . .. "Kate just said that Josh threw up all over".  Yep.  Kid #1 had the stomach flu.  Darryl and I ran to the nursery, cleaned everything up and sent the kids home with my mom so we could do our song and help my dad clean everything up. 

Here are a few pictures from the talent night - I borrowed them from a cousins Facebook page . ..

My brother, Ken and cousin, Ginger, playing Grandpa and Grandma.

Uncle Jerry

The Fisher boys - they sang a song my cousin Joel had written words for based on the tune of a popular Christian song.

Darryl and I singing our song

When we finally got back to the house at about 11:00, I hate dinner.  It really was that crazy all night!  We crawled into bed at about 1:30 and were awoke at about 6:30 by the lovely sounds of . . puke.  Nate was sleeping in our room and woke up with the stomach flu!!!  I crawled jumped out of bed, got him cleaned up and than ran to Walgreens for Fever Reducer. Not the start to the day I was hoping for that's for sure!  We gave both boys a double dose of medicine and headed out to the park for day two of the reunion around 10:30.  I felt really bad because my dad had to carry more than I wanted him too but am very thankful for my brother Ken who really picked up a lot to help out too. 

We spent all day Saturday at the park.  It started out with an awesome potluck and than came photos!  Now, you might be wondering why I made the boys go . . .for photos of course :-)  We did a HUGE group shot and I wanted the boys there for that as well as our family shot!  We did manage to keep them going through that but as soon as it was done, my mom took both of my very feverish, sick boys home for me so, again, I could hang out with cousins and help my dad take care of all of the details. 

When we first got to the park, my dad helped out and played with the boys - running up and down this little hill :-)

Just some family hanging out :-)
 My brother, Kel's family and Ken's kids
Some of the Fishers :-)

It was a fantastic day at the park - very hot, but good.  The funniest story of the day?  We all know it was almost time for the group picture.  We had asked everyone to stick close.  I was helping the photographer get everyone lined up (we all had been assigned a shirt color so that could connect each family).  She took the picture . .. and than, I found out my brother Ken was not there.  Why?  Because he had decided to run home and change his shirt for the picture!! HA!!  He had gotten sweaty, and he wanted a clean one for the big picture . . .seriously??? He will not live that one down for a long time!  Thankfully, our photographer was able to get a picture of him and will be able to photoshop him in :-)   The park finally cleared out and we cleaned up all that was left, getting us home around 5:00.  Darryl and I helped with the kids and got them in bed before getting some dinner, going for a relaxing drive and getting some ice cream - a kind of impromptu date! 

Blogger is giving my issues in adding captions but the above pictures include my cousin Paul and I, my cousins Krystal and I, Kathy and I, and than my cousin Nancy and Aunt Barb. 

So much fun - and yes, I'm already thinking about the next one - but it needs to be in 5 years instead of 10 . . .I can't wait!