Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mommy Time - Apples . . ..

Another week, with lessons learned!  Before we get to the lessons though, I wanted to share a few posts with you from other sites.

Serving Pink Lemonade did a post this week on some of their favorite books. All of the books she listed are books I've never heard of - I want to try and get them from the Library to see if we like them as much as her children do. If you scroll down the right side of her blog, you'll find a list of topics and within the topics is a category called "Stories/Songs/Book Reviews" - you can read all of her posts on other books as well.

Now, on to our lessons with the letter :
Lesson learned (and re-learned and re-learned and . . you get the idea) I HAVE to get all of the things ready for the week on the weekend before.  This is a must!  I did not do this over the weekend and we are not doing well this week.  We have been reading a few of our library books and we made applesauce (and sang "A is for Apples" but every time I ask Josh to say "Apple" he looks at me, smiles, shakes his head and says "noooooo mom" hahahaha   Another lesson I was reminded of this week - I HAVE to make the time to do things with each of the kids - it is really easy to get wrapped up in my to do list and not stop to play.   I do have books to pick up from the library still too!

So, we I have decided that we will do the letter A for one more week.  Part of this is so that I can order my letter "B" books reserved this week so they are actually in for me to pick up at the end of next week. 

Here are the books we are using for the Letter "A"

This is a oddly cute book - the boys seem to love it but I think they enjoy the art work more than anything.  I haven't quite figured out what the book is teaching yet other than Oliver doesn't like fruit but he likes fruit salad LOL 

Do you remember that old Jump Rope Sing-song about The Lady with the Alligator Purse?  That is THIS book!  I just love it and so do the boys.  This is a book I'd like to get for our library just because it is so cute!

This book is just a cute little book about the family going Apple picking.  Nate seems to really enjoy this book a lot.  If I can find one for a very small price, I would like to get this one as well to use with Nate more :-)

We did make Applesauce again for the letter "A" and Josh loved helping!  He also loved eating it too (ignore the bedhead and PJ top - that was pre haircut and his hair was wild and . .well, PJ Shirts are his favorite right now LOL) 

We'll finish up the letter A within the next week and than will be on track with letter "B" - I'm not really pushing anything but just enjoying as many teachable moments as possible!

Enjoy :-)

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