Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Fun

The past several years I've wanted to add some more fall/Halloween Decoration to the yard.  I've done a few things and wanted to show them off.

 I found these skelton's at the dollar store and loved them.  The boys helped my hang them (thus the odd spacing HA) and I have three more to hang.  The funniest part is that the boys say that they think the "Scarecrows" are their favorite thing"
 Another Dollar Store find - the boys also got to put out and they wanted to put them side by side.
 The biggest excitment in our house every day is to go outside and see if the pumpkin is more orange than it was the day before!  The pumpkin is huge and I really hope it turns completely orange!  We also have another one that is about half this size and is still very, very green.
The last two little decorations - again, from the dollar store :-)