Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting Organized Challenge

Day #12 over at A Bowl Full of Lemons 21 days of organization was the Spice Cabinet.  Surprise!  I have one :-)  Actually, I call it my "Spice, Open, and Need this week cabinet".  It is one of only two food cabinets so it gets messy a lot!! 
The Before Mess!

And The After
The bottom shelf holds my little used spices as well as all of the packets of things like taco seasoning.  This is also where I store Salt and Pepper for cooking.  The second shelf keeps any items I need for recipes this week so I don't have to constantly go downstairs to the pantry plus it also is where I keep things that are open like bread crumbs, peanut butter and Crystal Light.  Than the top shelf holds pasta boxes and pancake mix.   My true spice holder is on my counter (you can just see the silver knob on the top of it)  I actually took this out in July thinking I would get rid of it to free up counter space but I found, over the next few months, that I missed the ease of it!  I brought it back in, cleaned it up, took off the old labels, added new labels with the help of my label maker and have not regretted it for an instant! 

Day # 13 was the Medicine Cabinet.  and, guess what?  I have one of those too!  I've only had one for about 9 months though!  When we did our minor bathroom re-do, instead of putting up just a mirror, we added a medicine cabinet and have not regretted it for a moment!

The before - it really isn't that bad - just needed to be cleaned.

The after - I wiped it all done and put the stuff back in :-)
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The Eensy Weensy Spider - Craft

YEAH!  I'm finally getting some time to craft!  I saw this adorable idea over at Oopsey Daisy and thought it looked so fun!  We sing a lot of songs in this house and the Eensy Weensy Spider is a true favorite!  This is such an easy craft and so much fun!  I only made one but I think I might need to whip up a second one so each boy has one (and will need to make one for my friends munchkin too!)

Black felt
Red Felt (or scraps)
White felt (or scraps)
Pipe cleaner
black thread

 First, I made a template by tracing a large bowl on a white piece of paper.  Than I stapled the paper to the black felt and cut around my circle.  I did not worry about perfection in my cutting since I'll be sewing it together.
Than, I just free hand cut out the eyes, mouth and tongue.  I thought the tongue really did make it cute.

I sewed the "legs" into the circle while leaving enough open to be able to put a bag of rice inside

Than I hot glued the eyes and mouth on the spider and let it sit for awhile (Partly because I had no rice to finish it up until later in the day!)

Once I got the rice, I filled a Ziploc bag and stuffed it inside; than finished sewing up the circle.  Isn't he cute???
I can't wait to use this when we see "The Eensy Weensy Spider" this next week.

Things I learned:  I need to make sure my circles are exactly the same size since you don't sew this inside out.  My circles don't line up but that's ok.  Also, I would stick the legs inside further and hot glue them on one circle prior to sewing it all closed to make them more secure. (Also, if it was smaller, you could use only 4 pipe cleaners and have them stick out on each side too!)   One of the legs pulled out and I had to re-sew it (I actually re-sewed over all of the legs about 5 times to secure them) .  Also, I think if I make another one, I'll make it a little smaller, this guy is huge! Otherwise - this really is a super easy super fun project.