Saturday, July 11, 2015

Family Fun - Camping Trip #2!

In the middle of June, we took off for our second camping trip; this time to one of our favorite places, Muskegon. 

 Once we uploaded, set-up, and unpacked, we headed to our favorite Pizza Place for dinner - Bernie O's . . .only to discover that it was closed on Sundays!!  So, we drove a little farther to a Chicken place and got dinner.  We headed back to camp and stopped at the beach.  It was amazing - totally covered in Fog.  I've never seen it like that - even standing by the water, you couldn't see further than an arm length in front of you.

 Nice.  Darryl is crazy.
 The boys love bubbles so we set up a full-out bubble station this time. 

Of course, the fire is always a favorite activity for all of us.

 On Monday, we enjoyed the park all day long.  The boys had seen a trail going up to a sand dune so we had to check it out.  Josh climbed the dune and walked around the entire "bowl top". 

 We then rode bikes out to the pier.  We all love the water and the pier. 
Plus, if you look in the distance, we were able to see the Lake Express leave the channel heading to Wisconsin.

We headed to the beach again because it was clear but, by the time we got to the beach, it was totally encased in fog again.  It was so odd to sit on the beach in the fog HA!  The boys had a blast though. 

Despite a little rain we had another great trip and are looking forward to heading out on our third camping adventure . . .tomorrow!