Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weekly Menu . . the one I forgot to post on Friday.

So, funny story.  I wrote the Weekly Menu post that went up last Friday, two weeks ahead of time.  Great planning, right?  Then, I took the boys to the park on a Friday and wrote up a quick grocery list so we could run to the store and planned a completely different menu HA!  Oh well, we had a great few days camping and had some wonderful food and that is all that matters!

Here's the plan for the coming week.

Saturday - This is my night "off. "  Darryl either brings home dinner or we eat out.

Sunday - Burgers.  I had planned burgers for, well, tonight (the day of this post) but we ended up with a graduation open house to attend instead.

Monday - Slow cooker Mozzarella Stuffed Meaetballs, Spahgetti and garlic bread.

Tuesday - Chicken on the grill,

Wednesday - Cheesy Crockpot Tortillini

Thursday - Tacos

Friday - Something on the grill