Sunday, March 29, 2015

Things My Kids Say

* Nate has been throwing out all kinds of fun statements lately like:
"I'm more full than a junebug!"
"I'm as cold as a banana peel!"
"I'm as tired as a worn out web" (He's been watching a cartoon called "Sunnypatch" lately!)

*I'm not sure why but the boys are a little intrigued with death and people dying. So recently the discussion came up of what would happen to Willow, my parents dog, when Papa and Nana die.  I said that we would probably take Willow.  To which Josh reminded me that, "Mom, you'll have to brush her teeth but that's ok cause she likes it.  Oh, and you'll have to wipe her butt because that's what Nana does."  Sorry Nana, I don't wipe any dogs butt!  HA  When I told Josh I wouldn't do that - his response?  "Well, if I'm old enough Mom, I'll take care of brushing her teeth and wiping her butt." LOLOL 

*Josh informed us recently that "When I grow up I'm going to live with Nate and, if he moves, I'll just move with him."  He also told us that since we'll be dead, he is going to just drive our cars.  Whereas Nate said he would be getting a brand new car.  I asked him what kind of car and he said, "Well, a green one of course."