Saturday, August 19, 2017

Our Week in Photos #9

Our weeks are leaning towards change as school looms near but that doesn't mean we aren't still having fun!

I posted about this earlier this week.  On Saturday we were able to take the boys to a Ninja Warrior Competion.  It was kind of cool to see in real life what we watch sometimes on tv. (As a side note, on Monday night we watched it on TV and saw a few of the contestants that we saw on Saturday - it was kinda cool)

Sunday night turned out to be a perfect night for a bonfire. We headed over to Nana's camper for a very relaxing evening. 
 We found this toad in the firewood. 
 Enjoyed a variety of smore's - We used Reeses Peanut Butt cups and Fudge Striped Cookies along with the traditional variety too! 

Besides collecting fireflies and doing some charades, we also got to kick back and watch some of the meteor shower.  All of us saw quite a few - it was a really cool thing! 

Monday brought a little birthday fun.  The munchkin turned 7 on Sunday so we took time to celebrate. 

We went to our favorite park - it's a big wooden park with lots and lots of shade.  The kids usually find new friends to play with while we are there.  We also had a fun picnic before we headed home.  We also stopped for Ice Cream at Mooville and then the munchkin got to open his gifts when we got home.  

Tuesday brought a visit from a new friend.  A mom found me on the Connections Acadamy Website (actually, a grandma HA) and wanted to meet up as she homeschools her grandson and this is their first year in Connections.  I didn't take any photos of this meet and greet since that might have seem weird HA!  While the boys all played, I helped walk Jean through the basics of the school stuff so hopefully she won't be quite so overwhelmed.

Wednesday was a swimming day:-)  We haven't had a lot of great days for swimming the past few weeks due to rain and cooler temps but today was perfection.  88 degrees; slightly humid; and the pool was like bath water HA! We swam in the afternoon and then went back and swam again after dinner.
We also ate dinner at Wendy's.  Now, I don't usually emphasis where we eat but tonight it was a fundraiser to raise money for the Local Community Vacation Bible School so it seemed like a perfect reason to eat there!  The boys group leader was there at the same time as we were so that was kind of fun for them too. 

Thursday was a rainy day so we stayed home except for one little appointment.

What do those photos mean?  We've started our journey of orthodontist visits!  Both boys had their first visit and exam so we could start a plan which is . . .wait 6 months.  They both need some work done but both have some lose baby teeth to come out.  So they go back in February to check progress and we will go from there.

Friday the boys new friend came over for a visit and we just hung out at home until dinner time when we got to meet Nana for pizza!