Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Recipe Index

I finally took time tonight to add a Recipe Index - you can find it at the top of my blog, below the header.  There are two tabs currently, one that says "Home" and one that says "Recipe Index". 

Then, I went through all of my recipe posts and linked them into the correct category.  I did this for all of us!  For you, so you can search more easily for what you are looking for and, for me so that I don't wonder if I  already posted something.  There was an added benefit to this - I had forgotten already about some of the new recipes I made that we loved! 

And, after months of constantly making new recipes, I've decided I need to take time to type a bunch of them up for my recipe organizer.  So, for the next several weeks (or more), I'll be following my theme schedule a little more (well after this week - this week I was just trying to keep the grocery list as small as possible so I used things up in the cupboards!). My schedule is:
Friday: Seafood, Grilling, or a family favorite - this is also the night that we most often get something out like pizza or tacos
Saturday: Fun meal, appetizers, grilling - we love snacky foods or homemade pizza so I try to save those items for Saturday evenings
Sunday: Crockpot or "Long" cooking meals like roasts
Monday:  Ethnic - Pasta, Pizza, Chinese, etc - most often we eat Mexican or Italian!
Tuesday: Breakfast meals or Pork
Wednesday: Chicken or Beef Based Meals
Thursday: New Recipe Night (only once a week!!)

Obviously many of them overlap but it sure helps with planning and variety! 

Feel free to share your favorite recipes too - I'm always open to try something new.