Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happenings in this House!

Welcome to our week in pictures!!

I'll start out by taking you back to the 4th weekend.  We went to my parents house and one of the first things we did was try out the "new" Gator.  This little vehicle belonged to my nephews; they have outgrown it so the deal was - if my dad could get it running, we could have it.  Well - of course my dad could do it :-) hehehehe  At first, Josh just sat in it but, by the end of the (very hot) afternoon he was driving it like a pro.  Nate - well, he isn't a huge fan yet :-) 

The boys love to be read too - books are always a big deal in our house.  Not only do they love to be read to - but they will often sit and "read" books themselves.  This makes me happy!

Just two little boys messing around and having some fun !!

On Friday of this past week, I decided to "live dangerously" and take all three boys (my two and the cute little munchkin!) to the park.  First, we went to Dairy Queen and they were fantastic - making friends with every person that walked in the place.  We than went to the park and, I'll just say we survived HA!  Trying to chase the two boys above and keep them in my site while walking running behind a stroller (it is a good thing it's a jogger stroller!!) was more than I want to deal with again :-)  This particular park is just to spread out for the boys at this age - there is another park closer to home where I'll take them next time :-)  They played hard though, and we ALL went to bed early!! 

Finally, my parents came over on Saturday and brought some awesome outdoor things.  My mom, who never went to garage sales, has been finding some awesome things - she got both of these little houses for $15.00.  Seriously!!!  The boys get SOOOOOO excited when "Papa and Nana" come over. (And "wiwwow"  . .Willow is their dog!) So, Papa had lots of help spectators while he put the things together.  I really appreciate them doing stuff like this for us - it helps us out a lot!  Plus, since Darryl was working, my mom stayed with the kids so I could go grocery shopping . . .and my dad even took my truck and detailed the whole thing for me.  How cool is that?

So that is our week in pictures - it was HOT this past week and is starting out that way again!  We don't do much in the heat - except watch TV :-)